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| July 2, 2014

EDITORIAL – Statement jewelry has become a way of life. Boutique inspired, these original yet classic pieces have given way to a new trendsetter. A simple t-shirt and jeans can be artfully brought together by adding a simple statement piece. The down side? Statement necklaces normally come at a price. They can appear clunky, weigh a ton, and due to the specific coloring of these pieces they really only seem to mesh with a few colors in your closet. Therefore, you have to buy more and more to have a piece that goes with every outfit. Ready for a change? I sure was. And it’s eco friendly too!

I’m loving the geometric designs and prints from Joyo Jewelry, and it doesn’t hurt that it’s good for the environment and for me! Joyo Jewelry was created by Jenn Liddiard in Scituate, MA. Jenn has created gemstone jewelry and worked as a freelance graphic designer for years. After discovering laser technology, she realized the potential for turning her one-of-a-kind designs into jewelry. Every beautifully crafted piece of art from Joyo has been hand-assembled with love and offers a natural, new perspective when it comes to looking at jewelry and originality. I love that Im not wearing the same Forever 21 necklace as everyone else!

Personally, I love the simplicity of each piece, as well as the versatility. Since receiving my Large Squares Statement Necklace I have been able to wear it with every single one of my outfits. I’ve gone boutique chic out to dinner on Saturday, bohemian with a maxi dress for brunch and shopping on Sunday, and dressed it up for work today with a jumpsuit. I also adore the way that this particular piece offers a three dimensionality I didn’t expect to see.

The forward facing part of the necklace is sophisticatedly satisfying with a light color on the front, while daringly outlined on every side with a darker, huskier look creating it’own unique shadow to highlight the piece. This also makes it uncharacteristically simple to transition from outfit to outfit while consistently having a matching piece. And I love how it feels like I have nothing on! In fact, after receiving my Joyo Jewelry I realized how much my clunky metal chains weighed. Even though I have a larger design I never feel it when it is on, and I’m a huge fan. I also love that Joyo Jewelry doesn’t sacrifice quality for style because every single piece on their site is environmentally friendly while simultaneously never-failing to elicit multiple compliments as well.

Check out their site and let me know (@laceymcelmore on Twitter and Instagram) what you’ll be purchasing next. Personally, I think I’ll go with one of their beautiful cuffs!

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