Johnson Family Files Lawsuit Against Lowndes County School Board

| July 29, 2014

kjprotestVALDOSTA, GA – The family of Kendrick Johnson is taking more legal action against the Lowndes County School Board.

CNN reported yesterday that the Johnson family is now filing a wrongful death lawsuit against school officials claiming their lack of attention led to his death by another student.

The family filed a negligence lawsuit earlier this year against the school board claiming the school district was negligent and violated Johnson’s constitutional right to equal protection based on race, according to CNN.

The new lawsuit blames the Lowndes County school board for allowing Johnson to die “at the hands of one or more students” while at Lowndes High School during school hours. It also claims school officials failed to “properly monitor the activities of students throughout the area” of the school’s campus and failed to “maintain a properly functioning video surveillance system.”

Johnson was found dead in a rolled up gym may at Lowndes High School in January of 2013. Investigators said the death was an accident, saying Johnson reached for a shoe in the mat and got stuck.

An independent pathologist, hired by the family, determined Johnson died from “unexplained, apparent non-accidental blunt force trauma.”

The family is still waiting for the results of a federal investigation by the U.S. Attorney for the Middle District of Georgia into Johnson’s death.

Warren Turner, an attorney for the Lowndes County Schools, told CNN the school system had not been served the lawsuit as of Tuesday morning.

Source: CNN

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18 Comments on "Johnson Family Files Lawsuit Against Lowndes County School Board"

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  1. Ryan says:

    They need to check the higher ups yungans in Lowndes County because they are crooked there..

  2. cozy351 says:

    You have got to be kidding me !!!!! I guess the people that made the floor mats will be next. It was their fault that the mats were able to be rolled up and stood on end. Why doesn’t anyone look and say, “why isn’t it the parents fault that their son had to put his belongings in a rolled up mat instead of a locker that the school supplies”. Wait, no you could never say that, and blame the parents????…no no no its the teachers fault !!!!!

  3. Ssgt. Jamie Little says:

    Typical, can’t prove their case and thy go after people that hadn’t nothing to do with their son being clumsy.

  4. Mike Hunt says:


  5. Jim says:

    It’s always been about that tax payer money!

  6. reggaeman says:

    Their child died in school custody so it should be a lawsuit plus the cameras didn’t show what really happened. These negative comments makes me want to knock the he’ll out of all of you Internet cowards.

    • D. Miballzich says:

      Wanna know what happened? Kid crawled into a mat and got stuck and died. If you wanna sue the School system then sue them for not teaching him not to climb into holes upside down.

  7. reggaeman says:

    If any of your kids died in school yall would be suing as well. This was a fishy case from the start so many questions.

  8. Ivey King says:

    Justice for KJ! Keep fighting Johnson family! Yea “that part” KEEP FIGHTING!

  9. troubles says:

    Y’all so ignorant what if it was your child that was murdered at a school . children should feel safe at school. Stop being stubborn bc likewise your children are in the school care so with that being said the Johnson’s have every right

    • D. Miballzich says:

      It’s the school’s fault that he broke rules by going to an area off limits, storing items in a mat that was also against the rules, and then not having enough common sense to NOT climb into a hole face first? You’re the same fool that if he were not dead but in trouble then you would scream his civil rights were violated because too many people were watching him.

      That’s the problem with society today, no one will take responsibility for their own actions. If you get drunk and drive then it’s the alcohol maker and vehicle maker’s fault and not the dummy who drunk and went for a spin. Idiots everywhere.

  10. Laughing says:

    If it hasn’t been proven that another student is to blame, how can the school board be sued? Let it rest finally!!!

  11. French Fry says:

    Wait till a white kid die in school let me see what you Caucasians have to say then

    • D. Miballzich says:

      Oh lawdy it’s da white devil kill all the chillins!

      At this point I kind of hope it is a murder but hope it was black kids who offed him. Would love to see the responses then.