Feral Hogs Cause Problems For South Georgia Farmers

| July 10, 2014

Wild-HogTHOMASVILLE, GA – Feral hogs have been stirring up problems for farmers in Georgia.

According to a report by WCTV, wild hogs cause millions of dollars worth of damage each year to farms in the area. Thomas County Agriculture Extension Agent Andrew Sawyer told WCTV that wild hogs are running rampant across most counties. According to Sawyer the hogs eat at farmers crops and trample stalks which reduces yield for the farmers resulting in a loss of money.

Currently the only solution is either killing or trapping the hogs, but farmer Robbie Carnahan told WALB that is costly. Carnahan said night vision scopes and traps can be thousands of dollars. He told WALB that he has caught 64 pigs since November, and that he hopes the state will step in and help these farmers with the wandering hogs.

Source: WALB, WCTV

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3 Comments on "Feral Hogs Cause Problems For South Georgia Farmers"

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  1. Papi says:

    We have too keep in mind that humans are intruding in their space, we need to resolve the conflict with compassion!!!

  2. D. Miballzich says:

    Well here’s a suggestion. Lighten up on hunting restrictions for feral hogs. Release the USDA sanctions on meat donations and allow hunters to drop off any killed hogs to shelters, soup kitchens, people receiving food assistance, or any other program. Pay the hunters a reward per animal. I guarantee that within 2 years the numbers will be down significantly if people were allowed to turn it into business.

  3. billeG says: