SGMC Welcomes Youth Volunteers

| June 4, 2014


South Georgia Medical Center

Erika Bennett

SGMC Welcomes Youth Volunteers

South Georgia Medical Center welcomes 48 Youth Volunteers to its annual summer program, Canopy of Care. Participants are students between the ages of 14 and 17 whose responsibilities vary from patient care/interaction, administrative support, to surgical and outpatient services support.

“SGMC’s teen volunteer campaign has evolved into a mature experience for rising, young students whose ultimate career interests lie within the Healthcare profession,” states Jessica McKinney with SGMC Volunteer Services. “Branded as Canopy of Care, students walk the halls of SGMC fulfilling commitments and welcoming challenges of civic engagement. Their 8-week summer adventure exposes them to our community of care as they forge forward in their interest and pursuit of success in health care.”

Seventy applications for the program were considered and interviews were held resulting in the final 48. Students are hosted in 20 different areas of the SGMC enterprise, including the Smith Northview Campus, Diabetes Management Center and the Langdale Hospice House.

SGMC welcomes the following participants: Joanna Abbott, Alex Amundson, Sara Barrett, Carmela Berry, Tanisha Bhavnani, Corey Brandies, Bethany Burns, Camden Burrous, Eileen Chen, Kamil Cook, Courtney Conn, Joshua Daugherty, Emily Davis, Mishma Farsi, Jordan Flemming, Bethany Gaskins, Sierra Goff, Xaviera Hicks, Kerry King, Kaitlyn Kinsey, Mary Jo Koebbke, Kia Loud, Carrie Mauldin, Nikole McLeish, Sarah Myers, Jacoba Nelson, Jakerra Nelson, Abbey Parks, Manshi Patel, Ravi Patel, Ashleigh Phillips, Bree Reaves, Carter Register, Logan Ruiz, Lauren Salazar, Joyous Sampson, Samantha Siironen, Marcus Singletary, Yatri Thaker, Collin Vandemark, Tori Viar, Elizabeth Yeager, Aleena Zahid, and Mahnoor Zahid.

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7 Comments on "SGMC Welcomes Youth Volunteers"

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  1. Papi says:

    Free labor, Hurray!!!

    • D. Miballzich says:

      Free Labor is the best labor!

      • Papi says:

        Sure it is. While the patient pays top prices for the services. Win, win situation for the SGMC carpetbaggers!!!

        • D. Miballzich says:

          That’s where you’re wrong. What you meant to say is where us taxpayers pay for services for all those who don’t or are on the system. Medicare/caid reigns supreme at that place.

          • Papi says:

            Please don’t speak for me. You must be a carpetbagger that I’m pushing your reaction button. First of all MEDICARE is paid for by the working American taxpayer. Medicaid is hand out design by the liberals for those who chose to be non-productive in our society. The rest are illegals who should not be in this country yet the liberals mostly democrats see fit to maintain them at the expense of the working legal American. Every time I receive any service from SGMC I paid top dollar and their service is not at all that great. By the way have a blessed weekend!!!

  2. Jeff says:

    Papi and D.Miballzich, I can’t believe you two! Here are some kids actually giving back to their community and volunteering to help out those in need. Most of this young generation believe they are entitled to whatever they want and shouldn’t have to work for anything. Papi, I usually back and believe in your comments and statements but to throw these kids under the bus about being used as free labor and D. Miballzich backing you by saying “Free labor is the best labor!” You two cannot be anymore WRONG! I for one say “Thank You Kids!” This community needs more young people like you!

    • Papi says:

      Jeff, thanks for your support. Kids should no be taken advantage of by entities like SGMC. The kids are innocent pawns in this issue!!!