Making Her Move: Lowndes Wrestler Takes the Mat

| June 10, 2014

Baile-FlahertyLOWNDES COUNTY, GA – She’s seen the looks. She’s heard the whispers. She’s answered their questions over and over. Yes, Bailee Flaherty wrestles. In a high school sport dominated by boys, she has worked hard, trained harder, and proved that she belongs there – not because she is female, but because she’s earned it. For the past year, Bailee has devoted her time and energy to being the best wrestler in her weight class for both Lowndes High and the South Georgia Athletic Club’s Devil Dogs.

As a fan of younger brother Ryan, who has wrestled four years, Flaherty began to take an interest in the sport several years ago. When she first asked her parents, Kurt and Kelli Flaherty, if she could wrestle, their response was, “No.” But over time, they realized her interest was genuine, and she began the training process. She took gymnastics from second through sixth grade, and ran track in middle school, both of which would help prepare her for her sport. In March 2013, Flaherty officially made her move into wrestling, first with a regimen of conditioning: running, calisthenics, and endurance and strength training. The next month, she and her parents spoke with Devil Dogs coach Jason Griner, who convinced them to give it a try.

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