I’m Faking It. And You Should Too.

| May 20, 2014

EDITORIAL – Right in time for Spring, I’ve been dying to try out a new self tanner everyone assures me will work. But I’ve honestly never been able to fake a tan without it looking ghastly. What makes St. Tropez any different?

St. Tropez Self Tanner’s sleek packaging is enough to draw you to the bottle, but what’s inside is even better. Whether you decide to go with any of their numerous types of formulas of Tannerself- tanners (lotion, mousse, gradual tan moisturizer, or dry oil) I am sure you’re going to love what comes in the bottle. Personally, I tried out the bronzing mousse and could not have been more pleased, not only with the color pay off, but with the lasting effects as well as with this formula not only meeting, but exceeding my no streak, natural glow policy. However, I do have a few tips and tricks.

First, we have the packaging and formula. I purchased the mousse in the trial size can and probably only used about 10% of it to cover the entire lower portion of my body. I’d say this size should last anyone, doing their entire body, anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks (each application’s color lasts anywhere from 5 to 7 days) which isn’t bad for someone not wanting to invest in an entire self tanner line; although you definitely will. Although the color payoff (especially for such a sheer formula) is perfectly amazing and airy, its visual appearance coming out of the bottle is anything but. Both my best friend and I were petrified at the prospect of rubbing this brown, foaming mixture all over our bodies, but then where would that leave you guys??

ApplySecond, we have the necessary application procedures. As with any self tanner, you need to let it sit for several hours before applying clothing or showering, but there is one new product you’ll need to try to get a perfect tan from St. Tropez and that is their mitt. Inexpensive, but dependable, the St. Tropez self tanning mitt is the best way to ensure you get an impressive, natural looking tan, especially around the knees and ankles as well as not wind up with stained hands. I applied my mousse directly to the mitt and then coated my legs with it, making sure to rub it in gently and evenly. Although it dries quickly, the tanned areas to remain a bit tacky for several hours, but are back to normal after a shower. However, there is another avenue one may consider for the application process. Get your bestie in on it too! Everyone wants to be tan, and no one wants streaks.  Win/Win for you and yours, right? Mix up some cosmos and get down to business in your bikinis for a girl’s night in of Sex and the City and fake tanning.

Finally, there is the discussion of scent. My top three concerns when it comes to self tanners are, as I imagine, the same as all of yours. 1. Will it work? 2. How fake will it look? 3. How bad does it smell? That’s the thing I HATE about self tanners the most—the scent. And, unfortunately, it still is. Although I will admit St. Tropez had me fooled for about a couple of hours thinking I had found the pink unicorn of cancer-free tanning—a self tanner which actually smelled niceI was disappointed when I woke up the next morning and had the usual sweaty, self-tan smell all over my sheets. However, a quick shower and throwing my sheets in the washer fixed the one con I had found in 2 hours or less. All in all however, I’ve been very pleased with faking it this Spring, and it’s been easy too!

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  1. Brianna says:

    Hi Lacey! I’ve used St. Tropez in the past as well, and while I did like it, I think there are better self tanners out there. A couple I found on http://www.selftanning.com were Tanceuticals CC Self Tanning Lotion and Adonia Bronzing Glow. Those might be worth a look 🙂