Bows: The Season’s Most Feminine Trend Steps into Summer

| May 28, 2014

EDITORIAL – I simply cannot with the adorableness which is this sandal. Cathy Jean has done it again. I went by the site to order some simple black sandals for a vacation I’m going to be taking and happened upon a gem. The Bow Flat Sandal by Cathy Jean Shoes is not only an adorable addition to your shoe collection but also comes with an adorable flair piece to liven up not only a simple sandal but any simple outfit as well. And, if this isn’t enough to get you there ( I’ve got outfit ideas and sale information coming.

Black-SandalAlthough I went to the site to grab one pair of black sandals, I left with two pairs (in both black and white) and would have left with three, had they not been out of my size in the nude shade—which matches everything perfectly. (Cheers if you wear a six or above! You might be in luck!) The thing that I simply adore about this flat sandal is how it’s simple enough to go with anything, but classy enough to perk up a sundress, shorts, or a romper and easily transition to any occasion—not to mention they’re ridiculously trendy. From brunch to poolside to drinks afterward, the Bow Flat Sandals by Cathy Jean are classy enough to be worn with a-line skirts to create a more feminine look, or cut off shorts and a t-shirt to bring together an outfit which was previously unkempt. This is the unforeseen power of bow sandals ladies.

Recently, I’ve seen flirty bows everywhere, but I love them best as accent pieces—on belts, bags, and now irresistible sandals. For White-Sandalme, trends are best worn in this manner because they tend to last longer and be more versatile. Wearing a huge bow on the back of your dress will only be around for a season or two, but chic sandals are an investment worth making (and, at these sale prices, you’ve never gotten a trend at a better price).

What appears to be a shiny patent leather bow is actually sewn onto the ankle strap, as opposed to cheaply glued, which makes my greatest fear—the bow falling off—nearly obsolete. And, although the bow hits around the ankle, I’ve worn both of my pairs all day at work without any rubbing or blistering thus far. The Bow Flat Sandals are also actually very comfortable all around, even though the sandals do not offer any arch support. However, the shoes do run quite narrow and only come in whole sizes. Therefore, if you have a wider or bigger foot, I might suggest ordering a size up.

Finally, the sale. The Memorial Day Sale is still going on online. Therefore, whether you need flats, pumps, or wedges prices are so amazing right now you could buy all three (in two colors apiece) without breaking the bank. And, let’s face it, even if you hadn’t previously noticed a void in your life, you should notice one now. There are sandals with bows for crying out loud. Grab them today for $24.99 (60% off) and let me know if you see anything else there I’ve got to have @laceymclemore on Twitter and Instagram.

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