The Perfect Summer Wedge: Summer Essential #1

| April 11, 2014

WedgesEDITORIAL – The perfect summer wedge has arrived, and now it’s 50% off at Cathy Jean. Act fast. And, if the fact that it’s 50% off hasn’t swayed you to buying it immediately, I’ve got some other reasons too. Wedges are my favorite Summer shoe not only for comfort but because they are incredibly versatile. Wedges are the only 5 inch heels which are casual enough to wear with shorts but glamorous enough for maxis, making them perfect for vacation as you only really need to bring one sturdy pair of wedges and you’ve got a game plan.

After buying my very first pair of the Eva Wedges in brown specifically for a pair of palazzos and a maxi, I tried them out in several settings: out with friends, a walk to the park, an evening out, and at work. Although they took a few days to conform to my feet, I never had any blisters and I can safely say I can wear them for 10 hours before I’m completely overwhelmed by their 5 inch wedge. I’ve also never had as many compliments on a pair of shoes in my life. Therefore, when I saw I could get the Eva Wedge in black for 50% off, I couldn’t resist not only purchasing another pair of the perfect wedge, but letting everyone else know about it as well.

What makes the Eva Sandal from Cathy Jean into sheer wedge perfection isn’t just the wedge itself, it’s the comfort that the wedge provides. When walking with a wedge, it not only removes the issue that you’re going to break a heel and have to limp home, it provides a serious level of cushion and support. Forget the days of your heels sinking into mud and cracks in the sidewalk and embrace the stability a wedge can provide. The chunky, thick straps not only flow in keeping with a bohemian style, but they make sure your toes aren’t squished and squeezed together with tiny straps which make your feet look as though they’ve been packaged meat when you remove them. The gold stud embellishments provide an edge with polish and this, along with their lavish leather brilliance, is what allows the Eva Wedge to easily transition into any type of social setting.

Paired with high-waisted pink lace shorts, the Eva Sandal in brown provides a splash of style while keeping the look fresh and deliciously light and airy for a morning brunch or a wine tasting. For a more seductive look, pair the Eva Wedge in black with a jump suit or a romper to push the look over the edge into a sultry chic outfit perfect for an afternoon in the city. Finally, the wedge works flawlessly at night as it is balanced perfectly with a chunky necklace and sleek maxi.

Now that you’re ready to order, however, you should probably know they run small. So, slow down fancy pants and order a half size up, or a full size with a wider foot, to make sure they fit properly. Simply visit in order to purchase either these or another wedge of your very own and please leave a comment below to let me know the summer essential you simply cannot live without!

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