Questions Successful Innovators Should Ask

| April 24, 2014

Chip-HarpEDITORIAL – Asking a lot of questions is one behavior that successful innovators share. Instead of just rushing to take action, posing questions helps you crystallize the entire innovation process by improving your ability to spot new growth opportunities, pinpoint disruptive threats, and more. Consider using questions like these to increase your odds of success:

  • What problem is the customer struggling to solve? If people are spending time or money trying to solve a problem (and existing solutions fall short), there’s no clearer sign of an opportunity for innovation.
  • Who has already solved this problem? It’s likely that someone has already found a solution in a different industry, country, or company. Gaining inspiration from their successful approach can speed up your process.
  • What can you do that few other companies in the world can do? Zero in on what makes you unique (a trusted brand, access to a distribution channel, technological know-how) to maximize the chances of creating a powerful and compelling offering.

Adapted from “ Eight Essential Questions for Every Corporate Innovator” by Scott Anthony.

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