Hunter Boots: The Answer to Rainy Day Depression

| April 23, 2014

EDITORIAL – I HATE rainy days.

Don’t you?

Most of the time I don’t want to get out of bed, much less try and be fashion forward. How do you even muster the energy when it looks like there’s going to be a tornado?Hunter-Boots

Until I got my Hunters. I actually didn’t realize how life-changing my new bright, white, happy rain boots would be. Not only do they instantly make any outfit chic and slick, the bright white gloss actually makes me smile which is a chore in and of itself when it’s gloomy outside.

Although you’re probably thinking, what with the incessant mud and downpour, “won’t they stain?” But you probably haven’t considered the fact that, unlike your leather shoes, everything slides right off these babies. Even if I stepped into a huge mud puddle (which I have), I only have to wait a few moments for them to be sparkling and crisp all over again.

UmbrellaBut WHY WHITE? Good question. Although deciding to invest in Hunters was half of my dilemma (they’re really proud of these boots price-wise), the other half, maybe even overlapping into seventy-five percent, was the dilemma of color. Although I was pretty sure I wanted to go with something bright in order to cheer up a gloomy day, I wasn’t sure what would mesh well with anything and everything I wanted to wear. After all, I was trying to get away from all black clothing on rainy days, so I wanted my new boots to be versatile enough to wear in Summer and Winter with dresses as well as jeans, leggings, and skirts. First, I wanted bright yellow ones. But was I going to look like a rubber duck? Then, I wanted bright red ones, but I assumed people would call me a fireman. Bright pink? It just wasn’t going to work for my already petite size (more on that later). Teal was my last attempt, but I was too afraid of wearing them with my favorite pink pants. Therefore, white it was.

I was thrilled to get them in. I ordered directly from the Hunter website and actually received them in two days while I planned to receive them in three to six. Shipping was on point. The boots come in their own case with a red plastic handle as well as with a black waterproof bag for storage. However, I must pause here in order to state that this may not be the same for all buyers. As I have stated before, I am very petite and I wear a women’s size four. The smallest size in Hunter boots is a size 5–which runs big to allow room for Welly socks (fleece socks which fold over the boots and are ADORABLE while also providing more insulation for your feet and legs). Therefore, after much trepidation, I finally placed an order for a child’s size four in the boots. I was very concerned, up until the moment I got them, that they were going to be ankle height (which would cut off my already teeny legs), too big, and just plain awkward. However, I was pleasantly surprised with the class of the Hunter Boot–even in the child’s size. Although I will beJeans purchasing Welly Socks for the boots, I have been happily wearing them with plain old fuzzy socks from Target. They are not awkwardly clumsy around my legs, as I thought they might be, and are actually the very first pair of rain boots which have ever fit me properly since I have never been able to find them in my evasive size. Therefore, if you’re petite, like me, and always seem to sound, and feel, as though you’re clomping around in your big sister’s rain boots, I believe Hunters to be the boots for you. However, even if you aren’t petite (Lucky!) Hunter boots are so stylish and classic I think you’re really missing out if you keep buying those houndstooth ones from Target. I am ecstatic with mine, more even for the simple elegance and versatile style, than for their water proofing functionality–though that’s great, too!

DressI’ve been pairing them with dresses, my new favorite (Rockstar) jeans, blouses and more from my recent Old Navy Outlet Haul. Not only have they succeeded in making my rainy days sunny (metaphorically), but they’ve also shifted my thinking. I’ve never seen rain boots which are so easily versatile, and I think that not only does that have to do with their sheer sophistication, it also has to do with the fact that they aren’t patterned. Unfortunately, many of us own a pair of rain boots which are patterned (I had two in zebra stripes and polka dots previously) and although we feel that the pattern will broaden our clothing horizon, it actually limits it–to two or three colors–which not only leaves us feeling bored with the look after it’s rained three times, it makes that whole “having nothing to wear” scenario frustrating because it’s impossible to get out of the same rain rut.

Therefore, change it! The hardest part will be deciding the color, or possibly deciding between glossy and matte boots, but I’m definitely rooting for the glossy. Now, I’m just on the lookout for a versatile rain coat or trench.. Any ideas? Let me know and Happy Hunting!

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