Divergent Multi-Piece Collector’s Kit

| April 7, 2014

Divergent Make-up multi piece collector's kitEDITORIAL – Although my review of Divergent may be scathing, its collection is something to truly rave about. Fans of the natural, neutral shades in the Naked Palettes from Urban Decay will not only be impressed with those in the Divergent Collector’s Set, but over the moon for the price, color payoff and pigments, as well as blendability. I definitely foresee this set of four palettes (one cheek palette and three eye shadow palettes with 5 shadows apiece) complete with 4 glosses and amazing brush becoming a staple not just for fans of the movie, but for fans of a natural glow which is perfect for summer.

First, let’s discuss the Divergent cheek palette. It comes complete with two long wearing blushes (one with a dewy finish and one Cheek Palette Toneswith a matte finish) a shimmering highlighter as well as a shimmering bronzer which are all guaranteed to give your entire face a natural glow. My favorites from this palette are the blushes, not only are they long wearing and buildable, but also each color will go great with any skin tone.

Cheek Palette Divergent

Obviously, since much of the cheek palette includes shimmering powders you’ll want to make sure to use each of them sparingly. For example, if you decide to go with a dewy finish by lightly brushing Obscure Coral over the apples of your cheeks (use the fuller end of the included brush), you would probably not need to highlight on your cheekbones with Gleaming Pearl.

The three eye palettes which are included are the Erudite Palette, the Dauntless Palette, and the Abnegation Palette and any of them can be easily blended with the help of the included brush. Simply use the smaller end of the brush to blend the shades in your crease with your all over eye color as well as with your highlighter. The other unique part of each palette is that the far left eye shadow can always be removed from the palette it’s included with and reattached to any other palette.

Erudite Palette Divergent Make-UpThe Erudite Palette is mainly composed of golden and brown shades (From left to right–Choose, Burnt Mahogany, Radiant Intuition, Peaceful Shimmer, and Humble Sheen) which are perfect for an easy daywear look for brown eyes, hazel eyes,

Erudite Palette Divergent Make-up

and green eyes.However, the removable shade in Choose is perhaps my favorite. It can either be layered over the entire eye or used in the corners and brow bone as a highlighter. And, don’t forget, it’s also detachable!

Abnegation Palette Divergent Make-upThe Abnegation Palette defies the definition of abnegation with its gorgeous emeralds and golds (From left to right–Temptation, Bold Espresso, Intrepid Moss, Golden Honesty, and Altruistic Almond).  This beautiful five shadow palette is also perfect for day wear for those who love Abnegation Palette Divergent Make-upa natural eye with brown eyes, hazel eyes, or green eyes. For this set, one could either use Intrepid Moss as an all over eye color with Bold Espresso as a crease color, or one could use Golden Honesty as an all over eye color with Intrepid Moss as a crease color. Transform can also be used in several ways: as an all over top layer for the entire eye, a shimmering lash or waterline liner, or as a highlighting option as well.

Dauntless Palette Divergent Make-upFinally, the Dauntless Palette (colors from left to right– Diverge, Dauntless Ink, Abnegation Stone, Erudite Sapphire, and Serene Vanilla) is a beautiful night look for any eye color, but will really make blue eyes pop in the day. Simply apply, Abnegation Stone allDauntless Palette Divergent Make-up over the lid, sweep Erudite Sapphire along the outer v and along the crease, wet Dauntless ink and apply with an eyeliner brush along the lash line, and highlight with either Serene Vanilla for day or Diverge for night.

Skin-and-Color-5Last, but not least, are four semi-nude glosses in the Divergent Set: Temptation’s Choice, Natural Virtue, Supreme Ritual, and Fear Not. Swatches are shown here in this order. Out of the entire set, I’m least impressed with the glosses. Although each shade is a beautiful color, and I’m in love with the packaging, the included wand doesn’t deliver a lot of product. Therefore, it will probably take six or seven applications to feel as if you have any gloss on your lips which can become a little annoying.

Overall, however, I love the Divergent Set. My favorites include the brush, the blushes, and the Erudite Palette, but I think the entire set is a great starter kit, and the natural colors are versatile enough not only for any skin tone but for any age group as well. Whether you’re 16 or 56, I believe the shades, wearability, and overall ease of use which the Divergent Set provides are a great investment.

This set can be purchased exclusively from Sephora at the amazing price of only $59.

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