The Palazzo Pant: Friend or Foe?

| March 29, 2014

EDITORIAL – Lately, it has definitely seemed like Spring will never come which means two weeks from now after wearing nothing but boots and pea coats you’ll suddenly find yourself stranded in your closet floor, late for everything, and completely unable to enjoy the new weather because of your sheer inability to find anything to wear.

If you’re like me and need something to keep you comfortable when the temperature varies from  thirty-five degrees every morning to seventy-five in the evening, I have a Spring trend that’s on point for you.

You just have to know how to wear it.

Platto Pant 1The Palazzo Pant.

It’s the new comfy alternative to skinny jeans and maxi skirts with the added ability of being able to sit at your desk criss cross applesauce. You’ll feel nothing but freedom from your tailored dress pants if you prefer to rock the style at work, and just like a flower child if the weekend is more your groove.Platto Pant 2 The pants can be worn, much like their cousin the maxi skirt, in a variety of fashions, and with so many colors and options to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find options to work for you both at the office and at parties which is an accomplishment in and of itself.

From bold prints and extremely wide legs to neutrals and simple flares, you’re guaranteed to find a style that suits not only your personality but your needs as well.

Pair them with whatever footwear suits your style but please make sure you don’t have that crazy awkward ankle high water look going on. It’s not cute on anyone–not even the models. First, make sure that the pants you purchase are the correct length. You can determine this based upon whether you’re going to be wearing them with wedges or flats. The effect of the pants should be to make you appear as though you’re a floating goddess. If the pants hit too high on the ankle or don’t account for your spring wedges, the effect will be lost because the line of the pant will be broken and then they will appear too Platto Pant 3small. Please also don’t forget to consider the, ahem, crotch placement. Since the overall look you’re going for is floating goddess to the overall effect of comfort, pants which are too tight between the legs not only run the risk of killing the effect of grace, they also cut the comfort level by at least seventy five percent.

Blouses for the new trend are another adventure. Most of the palazzo pants I have seen at stores like Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe, are high waisted which allows the wearer to go in a multitude of different directions when it comes to top choices. Most immediately coming to mind is my new obsession–the crop top. From Shoesfitted to breezy styles, crop tops have hit many major stores, and I for one, am hoping they are here to stay. If you decide to go with a more basic pant, I would let your top bring a little more spice and vice versa if you decide to go with a louder pant alternative. However, color blocking with beautiful navies and corals, blacks and nudes, as well as darker and lighter blues are always a great way to bring color without going too over the top. Finish it off with a bangle or a statement necklace for good measure. You may even decide against crop tops altogether. That’s fine too! Other options include tucking a t shirt in, or letting a breezy blouse hang out.

TopWho do they look best on? In my opinion–anyone. Height wise, as long as the length is appropriate, anyone from someone who’s my size (under five feet) HeadbandNail-Polishto someone six feet tall can wear them in a variety of ways and I believe that the weight for these items functions the same way. However, no matter what size you are, you should only wear an article of clothing if your are completely comfortable in it.

Finally, pull your look together with a great piece of headwear or a fabulous nail polish. Personally I’m loving the new floral headbands from Forever 21 and this new Resort Fling Line from Essie.

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