North Brooks Elementary School Announces Teacher of The Year

| March 12, 2014

NBES-TOTYQUITMAN, GA –   North Brooks Elementary School (NBES) has announced Brooke Knight as their school’s Teacher of the Year.  Knight has been a teacher for six years and all those years have been with NBES.  “I was inspired to be a teacher in my early childhood years.  I loved school so much that I would come home and play school for hours on end,” says Knight.  She notes that growing up many teachers who sincerely cared about her and her education.  “I knew that one day I wanted to show others that same love and passion for teaching as they did for me.  I believe teaching is a calling that only some were made to do,” she says.

Knight says teaching is more than just teaching content and bringing forth fun activities.  “It is doing everything you can to reach all learners.  One of the things I love to do every year is, at the end of the year I pull out my students work from the first week of school. I keep it unknowingly to them.”  The purpose for Knight is to show her students repeat the same activities they did in the beginning of the school year to compare how far they came throughout the school year.

“Some laugh about how silly their work was or how far we have grown from the beginning of the year.  Some laugh about how silly their work was or how incorrect their answers may have been.”  However Knight mentions that some of her students feel a sense of pride, accomplishment and joy while reflecting on how much they had learn.

“I believe that the relationship in which students and teachers have must be deeper than just a learning one.  They should have a great social and emotional bond too,” she says.  Knight hopes that her students leave her classroom is what her class motto is framed around, If you can dream it, you can achieve it.

She says that many people would be surprised at how many of her students may not have ever heard that they can be anything they inspire or hope to be.

In reference to being chosen as the schools Teacher of the Year, Knight says, “It is definitely an honor to be chosen by my peers.  I work with some of the most dedicated and inspiring teachers.  So, being chosen by them means so much to me.”

Knights main goal is to inspire young minds, help children find their voice in the world and by May complete her Master’s Degrees in which from their on she will reflect on new goals.

Source: Brooks County Schools Press Release

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