Feds Subpoena Schoolmates in Kendrick Johnson Case

| March 13, 2014
Family Photo

Family Photo

MACON, GA – Former schoolmates of Kendrick Johnson and their parents have been subpoenaed by a federal grand jury.

According to a report from CNN, current students at Lowndes High School and current and former students at Valdosta High School were among those seen entering the federal courthouse in Macon on Thursday.

“We’re working methodically, and sometimes we remember we’re running a marathon instead of a sprint,” said U.S. Attorney Micheal Moore to CNN, “So, we’re working on it. It’s better to get it right than to get it fast. I’m satisfied that the FBI is moving forward at the appropriate speed, and they’re doing a fine job.”

More information will be provided as detail become available.

Source: CNN

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11 Comments on "Feds Subpoena Schoolmates in Kendrick Johnson Case"

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  1. George Watson says:

    Thank you for the updates and I am glad to see the FBI etc working this case! I hate to say it but I’ve felt it was a cover up since day one and the local authorities gave up with out much investigation!

  2. Amanda says:

    This is wonderfull news! I wonder who it was.

  3. Tamira Gipson says:


  4. Jim Lahey says:

    Just as soon as you think this story has gone away it shows up again.

    • Lisa says:

      If it were your son you wouldn’t want it to go away!

    • blackdaddy jones says:

      Who is this numbnuts Jim Lahey? I bet if it was his son or daughter that was murdered he wouldnt want it to “go away.”

  5. michael straukas says:

    What is there to cover up and what reason? Prime had no grandchildren in any lowndes schools. Also google image KJ’s real outpost photo. The one you seen was severely doctored, it did not even look real. We all got linked in this tragedy.

  6. michael straukas says:

    Correction on my auto- correct it’s autopsy. The site is ‘re news it.Com. The story with t h pics is Kendrick Johnson’s true crime scene photo. Maybe even worse,because it is a real photo.The other one being fake.

    • LMS Mom says:

      First of all, Prine doesnt have a son at LHS , he DOES have grandchildren in the school system. But they are very young. His daughter qnd son-in law that both work for the school
      system. The photo that claims to be the real autopsy photo was provided by a blogger with no credentials. So why not what until Mr. Moore completes his investigation. One only needs to read documented stories of corruption at the highest level to see this certainly plausible. Social media is playing a huge part in this . Kudos to Mr. Moore and his team.