Email Confession in KJ Case Not Credible

| March 21, 2014
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VALDOSTA, GA – According to the Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office, the anonymous tip received via email that named numerous people who confessed to knowing who killed Kendrick Johnson has been found not to be credible.

LCSO investigated the sender and persons named in the email after issuing a subpoena to Mediacom requesting information on the sender.

According to Lt. Stryde Jones with the LCSO, they received an anonymous tip via email that named names of people who confessed to knowing who killed Kendrick Johnson and who else may have been involved.

The LCSO interviewed the sender and persons named, and have decided the information in the tips were incorrect.

There are still no suspects in the death of Kendrick Johnson.

Source: WCTV

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11 Comments on "Email Confession in KJ Case Not Credible"

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  1. Christina says:

    The allowed LCSO and Lt. Stryde Jones decide if the confessions were credible? And they are going to go with that?? Of course they are going to say the confessions were no good if there really is a cover up within the Sheriff’s Office.I wouldn’t believe a word Stryde Jones says.

    • Kenny Downing says:

      Do any of you that claim there is a cover up within the law enforcement of Lowndes county, the G.B.I. and the justice department realize how many people would have to be involved with that idea? Not to mention the multiracial make up of those organization. I thinking somewhere between 50 and 100 officers of law. I think some of you must be smoking dope or something in your D.N.A. is seriously lacking! Not to mention your seriously inept Grammer skills!

      • J. Worthy says:

        If u were a part of a gang n the head guys says shut the hell up or u could lose ur ranking maybe even ur life n ur family’s lives what would u do? Shut the hell up!!! Look at the NSA they were, and still are hiding things from us n i know awhole lot of people knew about it before we did so don’t think that for one minute that a “secret” like this one can’t be kept, look at 2pac’s n biggies murders and look at JFK’s muder so it can be done!

  2. kennyB says:

    Oh well, the conspiracy theorists will say that LCSO is covering up again!

  3. George Watson says:

    I hope I’m wrong but I don’t think Lowndes counties Sheriff dept wants anything whether credible or not! They covered this up from the start! Anyone from a medical examiner to a true detective would know something was fishy from pics and the way KJ was found!

    • Michelle says:

      You are completely incorrect. Everyone I know who is in law enforcement an forensics (not in lowndes county mind you) have said from the beginning it was simply an accident as LCSO originally stated. All of the bruises and swelling are easily explained due to basic knowledge of what happens to the body when a person passes. Some people need to grow up (conspiracy theorists) and accept the FACTS and move on already.

  4. bucknasty says:

    I think its all publicity…when a ten thousand dollar reward was offered, these people would snitch on their own mothers for ten thousand dollars….

  5. Neesa Ogren says:

    why would the LCSO, the GBI, and the FBI want to cover up the death of a teenager….

  6. Amy Jackson says:

    They could not be very intelligent to have sent that info to LCSO. Unless it was a hoax to just jerk them around.

  7. J. Worthy says:

    Think about if it were ur son or daughter would u just take what someone says happen to your child or would u dig as deep as u could to find out the truth? Yeah, me too!!

  8. Phezy says:

    Ten thousand ain’t nothing to people who have money. That is spent in a few hours at a mall. All this is bull*hit. Them kids, now young adults know what they did. Now, can mom and dad still protect them and tell them to plea the 5th when the case is still open and now they are 18? Those “parents” are no better than the mom in Brunswick who said her son didn’t shoot the baby in the face. Hide your sons, “parents”. Money talks but like I said, ten thousand ain’t *hit if you have money. Do the crime, do the time just like everyone else. Stop trying to protect that gross offspring you made and didn’t raise. It’s all inside ….