Sharyl Dawes Announces Campaign for Superintendent

| February 27, 2014

dawes-superintendentJOHNS CREEK, GA  – Sharyl Dawes, a former educator and former Chairman of the Gwinnett Republican Party announced her campaign today for Georgia’s School Superintendent in the Republican Primary. Sharyl Dawes was born on Travis Air Force Base in California, while her father served as a Major in the Korean Conflict. Dawes is a fourth-generation teacher, who earned an MBA and spent 26 years as a corporate executive – specializing in turning around projects which were not profitable or inefficient.  

The Republican Primary for School Superintendent will be held on May 20th of this year and already is a crowded field – with six candidates currently vying for the seat. Dawes is the only candidate with experience as an educator, businesswoman and chairman of a Republican Party organization in a large Georgia County.

Dawes has spent nearly 20 years as an active PTA Legislative Liaison to the Georgia Legislature and is uniquely qualified to work with state government on behalf of schools. Under her leadership, her local PTSA in Johns Creek was recognized as Georgia’s “Most Outstanding High School PTSA.”

“One of my great concerns for Georgia’s schools is the inability to adequately teach our children because of the language barrier of many students,” said Dawes, “I plan to implement an ‘English Only’ policy for classroom instruction. This is not intended to be punitive – it is intended to prepare Georgia’s students for the competitive job market of the future. I also want to keep classroom instruction from being slowed down due a student’s inability to understand English.”

Sharyl Dawes and her husband live in Johns Creek with their two children. Michael Dawes attends Notre Dame Law School and Danielle will be a freshman at Duke University next fall.

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  1. Concerned Citizen says:

    In researching who serves on the Johns Creek High School PTSA and who is also running for a state seat, there was one name in common. I suggest anyone Google searches for the same.

    This is a direct quote… her stance is to implement an English-speaking only classroom. Wow, ignorance. I thought we were all at one point immigrants from other countries, no?

    “We need to Americanize you.” while a student was with a non-caucasian friend. Then, when asked if she is registered to vote (she turned 18 last week) “That’s the problem with children of immigrants.” The young adult is a third generation American. Do NOT let this person hold any position of authority. She needs a refreshing taste of what being a human is about.