Americans For Prosperity Georgia Supports Affordable Care Act Noncompliance Act (HB 707)

| February 6, 2014

Americans For Prosperity Logo ATLANTA, GA – Today Americans for Prosperity Georgia, a chapter of the nation’s foremost advocate for health care choice, announced its support for the Georgia Health Care Freedom and ACA Noncompliance Act (HB 707).

HB 707 would prohibit implementation of the Affordable Care Act by forbidding Georgia State government employees to partake in any activities related to the ACA’s enforcement, and would restrict money flow from Georgia taxpayers to implementation of ObamaCare. The bill would also prevent the state of Georgia from establishing a health care exchange.

AFP-Georgia Grassroots Coordinator Joel Aaron Foster had the following to say: “Georgia families don’t want to suffer the consequences of ObamaCare, which include cancelled plans, lost access to doctors, and skyrocketing medical bills. Despite the President’s promises, ObamaCare is not the way to ensure that Georgia residents have access to affordable, quality medical insurance.

“HB 707 empowers Georgia residents with a voice over their health care decisions, instead of letting President Obama and his allies speak for them.”

AFP Georgia’s support for HB 707 is a continuation of AFP’s ongoing efforts to fight for health care freedom. Efforts include television, radio, and online ads, as well as robust grassroots action and events across the country.

Source: AFP Press Release

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3 Comments on "Americans For Prosperity Georgia Supports Affordable Care Act Noncompliance Act (HB 707)"

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  1. Papi says:

    My hats off for Americans for Prosperity Georgia!!!!

  2. Papi says:

    Good work Americans for Prosperity Georgia the last thing we need is Odumbo Health Care!!!!!

  3. Anna says:

    The MAJORITY of the people of the UNITED STATES DO NOT WANT ODUMBOS GHETTO CARE! When government RULES over the people AGAINST their WILL, a state of TYRANNY exists! How much longer will the people allow TYRANNY to radiate out of Washington? How much longer?
    Call it what it is. It is a way to get more revenues by penalizing citizens who will not be bullied or threatened.
    Obamacare is an illegitimate “law” … forced upon us by the same people who see no need to honor the laws that they swore an oath to defend; preferring instead to trample the law – our constitution. The Obamacare “law” was passed without even a whisper regarding its unconstitutional nature and the lawless nature and intentions of those who forced the passage of this debacle upon us. “You gotta pass it first to find out what’s in it” ~Nancy Pelosi (Oh. My. Gosh> what kind of IGNORANT COMMIE SCUM we have as our “leaders”!! And it’s utterly
    Astonishing what this imposter man and his tax payer mooching wife has been able to put us all through (with the help of Democrats). ODumbo Rothschild Puppet wants to gather every possible bit of information on every American, spy on whomever he wants, and control every aspect of our lives– and We the People cannot say, for certain, who this man is, or where he was truly born. He has used at least one alias, among other names, and all of his records are either hidden or fraudulent.
    If they make laws and refuse to follow them then why should you or me or anyone else?