Albany’s Saggy Pants Ordinance Receives International Attention

| December 17, 2013

saggy pants ALBANY, GA – Albany is receiving international attention for the city’s saggy pants ordinance. A crew from ANN, a Japanese news network, rode along with APD officer Jermaine Lewis as he looked for people violating the city’s saggy pants ordinance.

The news network also traveled to New York City for their news program. Japanese lawmakers are currently considering a saggy pants ordinance similar to the one enforced in Albany and NYC. The saggy pants citations are up 26.2% this year in Albany. There have been 318 citations issued by the APD.

The saggy pants ordinance was passed in Albany in 2010. Several other South Georgia cities also have saggy pants ordinances in effect.

Source: WALB

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  1. Justin Igger says:

    Gonna leave this right here…

  2. about time says:

    I’m so happy that they are doing this and these guys think it’s right. All I have to say is I don’t want to see your dirty draws and you are wasting laundry if you have to wear three pairs of shorts and pants. Females don’t like that and we prefer clean cut, well dressed men unless they are ghetto. This is a fad that needs to end.

  3. F Fountain says:

    A generation that has lost self respect, prefers gutter type image!