Undercover Sex Sting in Berlin

| November 6, 2013

sex button BERLIN, GA – In the small town of Berlin police have successfully arrested 23 individuals in an undercover sex sting operation. The arrests include men from Albany to Tifton to Valdosta to Moultrie. The investigation began when Berlin Police Department caught wind of women in Berlin exchanging sex for prescription medication and cash. Authorities decided to lure men paying for sex into the city by using online ads on various websites including “The Valdosta Underground Sex Club.”

Officials then set up fake accounts on the websites to begin catching men in the area who initiated conversations about paying for sex. Police then used an abandoned house as a front for the operation. The police set up video and audio recording devices around the house to record men arriving and entering the house.  The customers that were arrested were instructed to make a phone call as they arrived to the house. The undercover agent then went out on the porch, gave the number of the house, and then kept the men on the line until they arrived. She or he then entered the house and left the door open for the men to decide if they would enter or not.

Police say some of the men are also facing charges including drunk driving and drug possession. Police also seized more than $100 in counterfeit money from one alleged customer.

Source: The Moultrie Observer 

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  1. Justin Igger says:

    Because the most dangerous criminals are grown men trying to get a nut with other consenting adults. Let’s not investigate the many meth labs in the area or go after child molesters, thieves, or anything. I mean kudos for them for grabbing some scum bags but so much effort for so little a pay off when there are other “big fish” they could go after.