Colquitt County Sheriff Deputy Charged in Off-Duty Wreck

| November 12, 2013

police car lights MOULTRIE, GA – After wrecking his patrol car in a Friday night accident, deputy sheriff Auther Wayne McBryer, 56, is facing charges of pending driving under the influence, failure to maintain lane, driving too fast for conditions and seat belt violation. McBryer wrecked his patrol car while he was off-duty on Friday after leaving a friends house.

Authorities say McBryer received an alert from his son’s home burglar alarm, and he left a friends house where he was listening to a football game. McBryer then lost control and went off the road on the way to the house. The Georgia State Patrol said the 2008 Crown Victoria left Kendalwood Church Road in a curve, and McBryer lost control of the vehicle as it began to spin counterclockwise. The car stopped spinning after hitting the rear end, front end, and passenger side on trees.

McBryers passenger was airlifted to a Tallahassee hospital. McBryer is on unpaid leave until the results of his blood test come back to the Colquitt County Sheriff’s Office.

Source: The Moultrie Observer

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2 Comments on "Colquitt County Sheriff Deputy Charged in Off-Duty Wreck"

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  1. Justin Igger says:

    One more reason LEOs shouldn’t be allowed to take vehicles home.

  2. Anon says:

    So very grateful LEOs in this area are able have take-home cars. The benefits far outweigh the negatives. It’s a shame the negative stories make the news and catch more attention than the positive ones. Nothing new, though. Appreciate our hardworking, underpaid law enforcement officers!