Reward Offered in Kendrick Johnson Case

| October 18, 2013

Kendrick Johnson SCLC Floyd RoseVALDOSTA, GA — The Valdosta-Lowndes County chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) has not spoken on the death of Kendrick Johnson in recent months. However, on Friday, October 18th, Pastor Floyd Rose broke that silence with an offer of a $10,000 reward for information.

At 10:30 a.m., Rose held a press conference at Serenity Christian Church concerning the death of Kendrick Johnson. During the conference Rose spoke of the tragedy which has befallen the Valdosta community, and the hardship the Johnson family has currently undergone. “There has been speculation that the Lowndes County Sheriff’s office and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation have in some way conducted a poor investigation and/or covered up facts in the case…,” said Rose,”The Valdosta-Lowndes County chapter of SCLC wants to be clear…our organization has not taken a definitive position on this case. We don’t know what happened.”

Rose states the SCLC only wants to bring closure to the Johnson family, and they are offering a ten thousand dollar reward for information leading to the arrest of any individual responsible with Kendrick Johnson’s death. Any information received by the SCLC will be forwarded to the family’s lead attorney, C.B. King, and Michael Moore, the US Attorney for the Southern District of Georgia. Attorney Moore will determine if the information is worthy of further action. The donor of the $10,000 check has asked to remain anonymous, and the reward offered will only be valid for 90 days.

The Valdosta-Lowndes County SCLC is asking anyone with information to call (229) 444-1938.

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  1. Sally Mae says:

    I’d almost put money on the fact that there is no “donor” for the $10K. This family just needs to let it go. It’s been a year almost. Let the poor boy rest in peace. They’re obviously not finding any substantial evidence to lead to any one person for “murder”.

    • Trisha says:

      If this family is under such hardship, why are they sitting in their easy chairs day in and out on the corner holding their KJ signs instead of working? Hmmmm.

      • Shari says:

        Hardship is not only about MONEY. Not a minute for work,LOVE is a full time job,in this case. FYI We are one day closer to the truth. God bless you.

    • Nicole Lee says:

      Would you let it go if he were your child?

    • J-Anonymous says:

      Notice Sally Mae, what you just said. “They’re not finding any substantial evidence to lead to any ONE PERSON for murder.” How do you know there isn’t substantial evidence that lead to a Group of murderers? Just because they find evidence, it is by no means mandatory to be released into the public.

    • Cali Wils says:

      How dare you say let it go? If that were your child wrapped up in a wrestling mat and no explanation of how, when and who placed him there wouldn’t you want answers? It doesn’t matter how long it’s been these parents have the right to have some sort of closure with their child’s passing.

    • Stream says:

      These are real parents that care for there child! I give it to them for not misssing a day to find out what really happen to there kid! Lowndes county is nothing but a screwed up system! He was killed by force from the neck! And lowndes county knows this! I hope the family gets the truth and maked prine resign! There is plenty of evidence leading to this being a homicide!

    • Blaze says:

      I’d almost tell you to put your money where your mouth is!

    • NL says:

      Sally Mae,
      Your comment is very insensitive. If your child died you would not just let it go. No one can truly tell this family to “let it go,” because they did not ask for this! They did nothing wrong by sending their child to school and expecting to have him return home. This should make any parent uneasy, as an educator I am uneasy! People trust us with their kids everyday and they deserve to get their children back alive not in a body bag! KJ was murdered on Lowndes County Schools Property and was under their supervision!!! Now right is right!! This family was entitle to an adequate and efficient investigation and it is obvious by the behavior of those involved that they did not receive a fair investigation

  2. tanner says:

    I would put money on it that if you had a child who died under the same circumstances you would do something along the same lines. They are loving parents just looking for answers. They know that no matter what comes out of the whole situation that nothing will bring their son back.

  3. Anonymous says:

    There’s no information to be given. It was an accident. A $50,000,000 reward wouldn’t get us anywhere.

  4. respecting others says:

    I thank God for allowing people to have compassion for this family. Seeking justice is not option, but a priority for this family. As far as letting “the poor boy rest in peace”, he is at peace in the presence of the Almighty Heavenly Father, however his family and friends will not rest in peace until they find who MURDERED this child.

    • Concerned white citizen says:

      Well I’m totally confused now. Leah Touchton has made numerous post at bashing this family and lawyers as liars. Her claim on numerous posts says she’s the lead investigator of SCLC. Is she a part of your organization? I can’t find any real information on her. I personally applaud the reward and hope someone comes up with some information. This family has suffered enough. Prayers for the Johnsons.

  5. Serena says:

    It still amazes me how heartless some people can be when it comes to the pain of others. “Trisha” you don’t know what these people are doing in response to your “not working” comment. I’m glad I was raised to see wrong as wrong. Bottom line is this family is not giving up as you would not if the shoe was on the other foot. I pray some people can start showing compassion to the human race and not just one ethnic background.

  6. charlotte says:

    how can yall say this stuff? if it was my child i.would b out there day in and day out, i would b pressin on to get info. somethin happen and this not only needs justice but peace for kj!

  7. Concerned white citizen says:

    The reason I gave my name as concerned “white” citizen is because I want to emphasize that it’s not just the black community that’s pulling for the Johnson’s to get the answers they seek. This is a humanity issue. Although I know racism is alive and well in all parts of the world. I’m a mother and grandmother and this tragety has broken my heart.

  8. someone says:

    The parents were so concerned that they gave their kid to the grandmother who has been raising him. The parents became concerned when they saw dollar signs. If any money was raised it should go to the grandmother.

  9. says:

    What if Leigh Touchton, lead investigator for SCLC, is just after the truth – which in this case has proven to be extremely elusive?

  10. Seriously? says:

    Are you kidding me? I’m at a loss. 1- because people are still trying to make everything about race! Tragedy happens to all races- there is no favoritism to one or another- I’m so tired of everything being blamed on race! Shut up about it already!! 2nd- I agree that the parents should have closure and that someone needs to be convicted. If the evidence points to murder- whomever is responsible needs to pay the price. If it were one of my girls, I would make sure that it was solved. On the other hand, I wouldn’t quit my job and expect others to pay my bills…… 3rd- if what I’ve read is true, why didn’t the parents care before he died? Wasn’t his grandmother raising him…. After he died is a bit late to be giving a crap about your child. Just sayin.

  11. Concerned white citizen says:

    I think that what has disgusted me the most about this case is that so many people wants to attack the family. They are victims in this. Even if he did live with his Grandmother doesn’t mean anything to me. Every family has issues and everyone has the right to justice under the law. Unless you lived in the family and can speak first hand about their personal lives no one has the right to judge them, especially based on rumours and innuendo. I’ve also listened to them speak publicly and I’ve not heard them use the race card. Many people have on both sides and it’s just time to put that card away. This was a beautiful boy who was just becoming a man and had his whole life ahead of him. He was not on drugs, (the autopsy would have revealed that if he were). He was an excellent athelete, and student and was liked by many of his peers both white and black. We all need to just stop and insist the DOJ investigate to get to the truth of what really happened. White, Black, Red, Yellow it just doesn’t matter. KJ regardless of family issues (if there were any) deserves no less. And about Leah Touchton…well bashing doesn’t accomplish truth finding at all. It’s unprofessional, unethical and morally wrong. Just saying.

  12. Jusin Igger says:

    Found him…..I will let folks know where to send my check.
    *Kudos if you get this reference.

    Seriously though how can anyone think this is a murder? Tragic accident yes but a murder not likely.

    Think about all the hands involved of all races who investigated. You can’t tell me that one cop or investigator wouldn’t jump at the chance to be a whistle blower. You know they would, especially with as many enemies Prine has made in the LCSO.

    Think about all those kids at Lowndes High…kids talk a lot. No tweets, no Facebook posts, no emails texts, or anything from any kid at that school. Heck if someone drew on a bathroom stall before first period we all knew by 1:30pm.

    Sorry racially motivated murder is B.S. Even when I went to high school at LHS in the 90’s there was little to no racial tension and what was their were black students picking on white students for various reasons *gasp* not black kids picking on whites! Say it ain’t so.
    Too many interracial couples and kids being kids to see color there. The only race hate is coming from the older generations who want it to be a racially motivated murder because then it goes from small town murder no one cares about right to “Southern Hate Town”.

    Lastly I could see a kid being trapped in the mat and you know why? I have seen it happen. Yup….. Seen those rolled up mats when I was in school and seen kids trapped in there upside down but fortunately they always seemed to get trapped during a gym class and get freed and then made fun of for acting a fool.

    The evidence is clear and at this point all the saber rattling is a family looking for a payout. They want to sue the Sheriff’s office but soon will switch gears to sue the School system for negligence and will settle out of court. Watch and see.

    • LHS MOM says:

      Regarding your statement about the kids at the HS. Oh yes there were tweets, phone calls, texts and FB posts on profiles that were quickly taken offline/deleted for fear of implication. I know, I have a child at the school. And was there picking her up along with all the hundreds of other parents with pure fear in their eyes.

      I am going to say this about the bashing of the school itself. I find it totally unacceptable to be attacking the HS, teachers and admin. They didn’t in their wildest imagination ever expect to have this happen at our school. Their concern was for the students and I was treated with respect and compassion as was my child that was in the gym class that found Kendrick. They accommodated parents as best they could, given the circumstances. With that being said, they do have some answering to do in regards to protocol in handling, God forbid, another situation like this awful death. Which I’m sure they have addressed already.

      I think what people can’t get past is that what the parents, myself and the rest of the community has questions about. It is the actual was the investigation was handled from the beginning. I know this isn’t CSI and I know these types of mistakes happen everyday, where ever we live. But when do we start to learn from our mistakes?

      There are just so many unanswered questions, and to dismiss the Johnson family or any family that has lost a loved one to unusual or suspicious circumstances is ludacris. That is all WE are asking for. If the other tapes show what happened to him, as a parent of a student at LHS, and my child was in those shots, I would give my permission. After all, if none of this kids did anything, then why wouldn’t the parents give permission? They aren’t doing anything educational, they are entering and walking through the gym.
      Lastly, if it has any weight which I don’t think it will, being that her cred is pretty much -0- just by the way she has presented herself. At least Ms. Touchton has asked for the DOJ to open the investigation.

      Guess we’ll see what’s said at the press conference today.

  13. charlie mae says:

    you can never replace a child a mothers love and fathers love is endless, this will help open a lot of eyes,and also show us as people who care that when we are told something about our children and we know for a fact that its not true,we don’t have to throw up our hands and hold our heads down,but instead we can take a stand rather it with someone or alone we can get the truth no matter what people may say or think love is powerful and god is strong and got our back

  14. Matthew says:

    Do they have video of KJ entering the Gym? If they do what else is on the video?

  15. Leigh Touchton says:

    When people lie to me about a situation they’ve asked me to get involved in, then I’m going to call them out on it. I was lied to.

  16. Bubba says:

    Hard to beleive so many heartless people! You never get over the hurt when you lose someone suddenly. It doesn’t matter if your child was raised by you, extended family or is an adopted or foster child, the love is still there.God will continue to take care of this family! I am so glad that they continue to seek justice.

  17. Floyd Rose says:

    I am first and foremost a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and I take my calling seriously. I must,therefore,never ask what is politically expedient, socially acceptable, or economically feasible, but what is morally and ethically right. It is in this context that we have examined the Kendrick Johnson case. On the one hand, the first autopsy suggest that his death was an accident. The second autopsy suggest that he was murdered. I see this as I see all trials. Both sides produce their “expert witnesses.” The truth will either come when someone with factual information which leads to the arrest, trial, and conviction of the guilty person(s), or the Department of Justice decides to conduct an independent investigation, and determine the cause of death, and who was responsible.
    we have offered a $10,000 reward, which will be available for 90 days. If no one clames it, it will return to the anyonumous donor. We shall see what we shall see.

    In the mean time, we must continue to pray for the Johnsons. They have suffered so muc, adn their pain must be undescribable. This community ios now divided, and ehaling must be brought

  18. George Boston Rhynes says:

    October 20, 2013
    Time along with the South Georgia Historic Archival Record tells us what goes on in South Georgia. There are countless deaths and murders that have been documented that without closure or an investigation by members of Law Enforcement in our nation. So the death of Kendrick Johnson is nothing new for the Black American Community.
    The K.J. family is driven by Saint John 8:32. I will NOW seek to respond to a few comments posted on this site and if this post is not allowed it will appear on my You Tube Channel: bostongbr.

     RESPONSE: 31 Jail Deaths in the Valdosta-Lownes County Jail 1994-2009 and from 2009-2013 and no one knows because it goes unreported and no one seems to care.


     RESPONSE, see the video by professor Mathew Richardson “A Chorus of Fear”
    – NO RACIAL TENSION IN THE 1990’S: See the Noose on a Tree at Lowndes County High School and this was documented and published in the local news paper: (And there are more see,


     RESPONSE: See wherein we have always had Black kids…. that were fathered by White men and they are among us today here in Valdosta. Yes, we know the names of these most prestigious Whites Men and in many cases we carry their last names. Moreover, Blacks took care of these children and Whites in any cases just turned their heads in the name of FAMILY VALUES. However, there were good WHITE fathers that acknowledged their Black kids and deeded them land and we must mention this too. It is what it is and so I will stop here on that issue.


     RESPONSE: What actions did you take to eliminate the problem when you witnessed kids getting stuck into the mat?

     RESPSONSE: Just have faith in the governmental system that truth; love and justice will be done in our beloved nation. And remember that Blacks have gone through all that we have been through and still we believe in our beloved nation while working to make it better.
    Now please keep spreading your truth because as the Volume of Sacred Law says what comes from the tongue comes from the heart. Therefore, we understand what is in the people heart by what comes from within and I do appreciate all who speak their truth even if it is routed in the same spirit of those that came before them that was found to be on the wrong side of American and World History.

    Thanks and NO negativity intended. God Bless and I do hope that TRUTH will bless also., You Tube:

    1. You Tube: Rev. Floyd Rose Press Conference:

    2. 31 Jail Deaths in Valdosta and Leading the State of Georgia in Jail Deaths: (Yet, I have never been interviewed to prove if I am reporting lies or the truth) Why is this?

    As a community, state, nation and world! We are not who we claim to be; but who we prove ourselves to be; over a given period of time. And when truth comes into the mind of those that seek truth; then all falsehood must vanish and falsehood is forever a vanishing thing!

    • Leigh Touchton says:

      Look here, George, you want to have attention, then get it by being responsible and truthful. The death of Kendrick Johnson is NOT the same as Willie James Williams or Mary Turner or Trayvon Martin and has ZERO I mean ZERO to do with the mock lynching at LHS that happened YEARS ago.

      The former Sheriff, Ashley Paulk, was the sheriff whose administration had numerous allegations of civil rights violations, as you well know. Just because you live in the South, doesn’t mean that every public official is covering up a murder because the South has a sordid history. What the heck is your point bringing up all these other cases? For starters, there was a different sheriff, a different set of deputies, a different school superintendent, a different Chairman of the Board of the Lowndes County Schools. I know you’re angry at being banned from Lowndes High School but if you can’t figure out how and why you were banned and if Chevene King and the Johnson family is not going to help you, then go hire an attorney. For crying out loud, man.

      Oh and let me just stop you right there about the noose at LHS: as you OUGHT to remember, the Valdosta NAACP when I was president made a big stink about it and called the school administrators out, I believe Steve Smith was Superintendent. He not only called me up and explained the steps they took to address the situation, he also made sure that the kids accused of it (and found to be responsible by the school’s investigation) were investigated by law enforcement under the Hate Crimes act. What the heck else did you want, their heads on a platter? Would that have convinced you that the former (white) superintendent was serious about hate crimes?

      Dang George really?? I mean really???

      • LHS MOM says:

        Do you, Ms. Touchton, really need to attack Mr. Rhynes on this site? I did what you suggested on another story about KJ on Valdosta Today and after reading your absolutely shameful comments on the Ebony article. Along with the other folks that had equally hateful things to say about you. I am truly embarrassed to say I live in Valdosta. I goggled you, not much really came up. Except for some things with both you and Mr. Rhynes. If you have issues with him and apparently know him on a professional and personal level, take it up with him. IN PERSON. My gosh, with all of this intelligence you “leaders” need to work together.
        I applaud Rev. Rose, and I have to agree with his sensible statements.
        Attacking this family is not acceptable in any realm of thinking in my book. We should be supporting them as a community.

        All I can do now days is just shake my head and pray my children that were raised here, by my choice, to finish their education and get out of here. And for any one that is puzzled by why the young people leave Lowndes County and Valdosta. It’s this small minded thinking that people have around here. Plus the insulting low wages. If you’re not one in the “fold” so to speak.

        Furthermore, if you want to “investigate” something, how about the NON reported story about the stabbing at VSU that was a Gang related initiation, but you don’t see any outlet reporting that, because they don’t want the community to know that Gangs are alive an well right here, in Valdosta, Lake Park and Clyattville. We have so much going on right here that we can do to positively inpact this community and we are wasting it on nit picky, “I’m right and you’re wrong” thinking,
        Amazing to me.

        • Leigh Touchton says:

          When people exploit a tragic death in order to insinuate that all white folks are the same sorts of people as the murderers of Mary Turner then yes, I am going to speak out about it. Inflammatory accusations against the entire white race are just as bad as inflammatory accusations against any other race. There have ALWAYS been white folks who were alongside black folks struggling for justice.

    • TOM ONEAL says:

      George, Perhaps you will understand this. Then again, I do not believe you will. You would be interesting on Saturday Night Live.

      Matthew 7:1-5

      What’s it say: 1″Do not judge, or you too will be judged. 2For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.

      3″Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? 4How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? 5You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.”

      If there were 31 Jail deaths that were wrong get in touch with the DOJ. Walk to DC and speak with your Congress Person. Running you mouth does no good. You only incite with questionable information.

  19. Ex-Valdosta Resident says:

    Good luck finding the “truth”- whatever that may be. Being all too familiar with Valdosta/Lowndes County, nothing would surprise me- that the boy died as the result of a terrible accident or that he was killed by others either deliberately or thru misadventure. I saw many crimes ignored, covered up over the years, or watched as the investigators/prosecutors botched their jobs and the guilty laughed as they walked free. I also saw innocent people railroaded, or worst yet, convicted because of incompetent/lazy defense attorneys. I would hoped things changed there- but apparently not.

    • Valdosta-Georgia Jail Deaths

      Link to blog:

      Saturday, May 08, 2010

      J. Deaths/Name: (1994-209) Valdosta, Lowndes County Jail
      APPROXIMATELY 28 DEATHS Since (1994-2009)…

      1. So how many more must die before some American citizen does something about these fellow human beings? Many of whom are American Military Veterans? Please watch the video entitled “A chorus of Fear Part 1, & 2”)

      A FEW NAMES AND CAUSES OF DEATHS: Comments welcome!

      1-[1994] Willard McFarland, (BLACK), age 63, 01 April 1994 CAUSE OF DEATH: Post-arrest hypoxi encephalopathy to cardiac dysrhythmia, due to cardiomegaly with left ventricular hypertrophy.

      2-[1995] Willie Lee Gaye, (BLACK), age 39, died 23 October 1995: CAUSE OF DEATH: Chronic Ethanolism

      3-[1996] James N. Starling, (WHITE), age 63, died 1 May 1996: CAUSE OF DEATH: Coronary atherosclerotic disease

      4-[1998] Willie James Williams, (BLACK), age 49, died 2 September 1998: CAUSE OF DEATH: Subdural Hemotoma

      5-[2000] Ronzie Sonny Graham, (BLACK), age 48, died 13 July 2000: CAUSE OF DEATH: Unknown

      6-[2001] Rosemary King, (NOT PROVIDED), Age 40, died 20 July 2001: CAUSE OF DEATH: High Blood Pressure Hyper Tension

      7-[2002] Richard William Oakley, (WHITE), age 27, died April 2002: CAUSE OF DEATH: Suicide/Hanging

      8-[2002] Sandra J. Wallace, (BLACK), age 39, died 31 August 2002: CAUSE OF DEATH: Complications of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

      9-[2003] Lisa Sanders, (BLACK), age 38, died 2003: CAUSE OF DEATH: Natural Cause

      10-[2004] John Henry Dejonghe, (WHITE), age 49, died 21 June 2004: CAUSE OF DEATH: Seizure disorder in a background of chronic ethanolism

      11-[2005] Amaruy Quinones, (HISPANIC), age 34, died 2 September 2005: CAUSE OF DEATH: Self Induced Starvation

      12-[2006] Esavious Wright, (BLACK), age 29, died, 16 February 2006: CAUSE OF DEATH: Heart Attack

      13- Bobby Stanford, (BLACK), age 55, died 23 March 2006: CAUSE OF DEATH: Aneurysm of Aorta

      14-[2006] Clarence Fender, (WHITE), age 70, died 2 April 2006: CAUSE OF DEATH: Heart Attack

      15. [2006] George Hill Jr., age 21, (BLACK), died 23 June 2006: CAUSE OF DEATH: Heart Attack

      16. [ ] NAME WITHHELD, (CJ), REQUEST OF FAMILY: C. Y. (BLACK FEMALE), but available XXXXXXXXX on request, SUICIDE, YEARS EARLIER. (Identified when Georgia State President (Edward Dubose), visited the Valdosta-Lowndes County (Inmate Hill death above) Press Conference held July 5, 2006 at l:00pm.

      17. [ ] NAME WITHHELD, REQUEST OF FAMILY. (BLACK MALE), but available _________, died in hospital local pastor can verify. He went to this inmate rescue but he died in the hospital. (Not posted at families request)

      18.[ ] NAME WITHHELD: REQUEST OF FAMILY: Jo. McF. But a local citizen brought this person to the attention of the Local NAACP. Pastor’s name known who visited him but WITHHELD.

      19. [ ] NAME WITHHELD: REQUEST OF FAMILY: (Black Male), Died March 2008, But waiting to see if local media TV-Stations and Newspaper will publish this inmates name and other information whatever reasons.

      20. [2008] JOEL SMITH, Age 20, died March 2008, (Tuesday), cause of death, suicide by hanging early Wednesday Morning (Capt J.D. Yeager of the Sheriffs Department. Charged with forgery among other violations).

      21. [ ] MICHAEL WAYNE DIXON, Age 39, died _________, cause of death, suicide, found hanging from his cell, (arrested for armed robbery, aggravated assault and attempting to loot), Arrested on May 13, 2008.

      22.[ ] NAME WITHHELD, REQUEST OF FAMILY: G.J. (BLACK MALE), died February 2009, waiting local TV-Stations and Newspaper to publish and do their story. Citizens can only ask why these human beings names are not being published to the general public.

      SPECIAL NOTE: On May 5, 2005 WHEN fifteen local citizens were arrested by Valdosta City Officials and confined in the Lowndes County Jail for addressing their elected officials. That inmates informed us of six alleged other deaths not on this list. However, because we cannot verify them we have omitted their names but feel sure they are correct. (They believe they were sent home and to the hospital to later die instead of dying in the jail).

      23. [ ] Check With Sheriffs Depart, News Media Whiteout, and South Georgia Medical, former inmates and jail medical facility.

      24. [ ] Check With Sheriffs Depart, News Media Whiteout, and South Georgia Medical, former inmates and jail medical facility.

      25. [ ] Check With Sheriffs Depart, News Media Whiteout, and South Georgia Medical, former inmates and jail medical facility.

      26. [ ] Check With Sheriffs Depart, News Media Whiteout, and South Georgia Medical, former inmates, and jail medical facility.

      27. [ ] Check With Sheriffs Depart, News Media Whiteout machine, and South Georgia Medical, former Inmates, and Jail Medical Facility,

      28. [2009Nathaniel Sloan, Age 42, DIED SEPTEMBER 26, 2009, Medical Facility, arrested July 13, 2009, Burglary by Valdosta Police Department, presented himself to the medical facility with a fever, had been isolated since the previous day, was on medication, nurse checked on him at 1:48 am, appeared to be doing fine, 30 minutes later Nurse came he was NOT BREATHING PROPERLY. Nurse called the EMTs.


      We must look at the Jail Medical staff, Inmates themselves who keep returning to the Jail, Pastors, Politicians, Citizens and ourselves for what appears to be crimes against humanity.

      Then there is U.S. District Court Judge Hugh Lawson of the Middle District of Georgia that identified nearly 105 violations in the jail, back in 1997, from a law suit from sever former inmates.

      In 1997, The Honorable Judge Lawson rendered a decree in Civil Action #89-54-VAL. But no one seems to have followed up on HIS decree–and it expired, without action ever being taken. How sad?

      Most Americans believes that the general public have a right to know the citizens who perish in their tax paid facility, and that inmates should live to have their day in court. But it seems that our local television stations and newspapers make a special effort NOT to report the deaths that occur in our jail. Local citizen can only ask why?

      Moreover inmates insist that fellow inmates are either sent home, or released to the hospital to die. While local news media ignore many of these deaths. Family members claim that they do not get proper medical treatment. While we cannot verify this but there are many letters and official statements in local civil rights archives to this fact. This information is always available for review and to be used for a valid investigation from an outside agency.

      There will never be a valid investigation unless someone comes in from outside the state of Georgia and investigate these deaths, the medical facility and type treatment given. We have proven time and time again that local television, and newspapers failed to report important news to the general public. That inaccurate and false reporting was done concerning several issues concerning the remaining Barber Park, death of Willie James Williams, problems at Polling place and racial threats received and who was the alleged victims of such threats among others.

      The citizens must hold their elected officials, news media outlets, scared family members, pastors, friends, nurses among others, accountable for being human being and caring for someone outside of themselves.

      Names above were provided from the Valdosta Daily Times, Local Television Stations, Websites, The Lake Park Post, Inmates calls, and letters from the jailed, inmates family members, love ones, friends, public records, Law Enforcement Officers who care, and from the Lowndes County Sheriffs Departments own records provided to Edward Dubois (Georgia State President of the NAACP).

      On May 5, 2005, inmates gladly gave their names and talked about other deaths that never reached the general public. Moreover as we review the above list and feel the pain of these inmates family members and love ones. We must NOT, forget the VICTIMS, and our most highly respected and members of Law Enforcement, Judges, civil rights organizations, Attorneys, and ordinary citizens who suffered because of criminals who need to be behind bars.

      All Civil and Human Rights Organizations agree. That if they (Inmates), do the crime then they must certainly do the time, and pay their debt to society. Again, we must remember that it is mostly the “INNOCENT” who suffers the most when criminal acts are committed.

      SO, to all families who have been victims of crime, or lost a love one to crime. We send our condolences, well wishes and prayers out to you and your love ones. bless, and keep you forever under the shadow of his wings. I trust, and believe fully, that Galatians 6:7 is sometimes the only hope, a loving people have for their fellow human beings, on this planet. Peace!

      Copy and Paste: See Video: “A chorus of fear” (Willie James Williams), Death in September 1998.





      COMMENT FROM READER: Thank you George. One of the saddest thing in the world is oppression, it’s a lousy feeling that will make you hate the world and people. Blacks and Muslims are regarded inferior to whites, it’s a shame!. Muslim Black Man Jamal Abu Mumia was jailed for a crime he did not commit. President Obama should free innocent detainees like Jamal Abu Numia and liberate the Iraqi Journalist Muntazar Alzaidy,the famous Journalist who hit Bush with his pair of shoes in protest against US incursion, violation and occupation of Iraq.

  20. Neutral says:

    Why is it necessary to discuss other unrelated deaths in conjunction with this story. If the title of the article is about KJ, can we just discuss that with factual information. Part of the problem is there is a lot of info coming from unconfirmed sources. Now despite what some may say, at least Mrs. Touchton went and conducted interviews and such. If anybody else on this blog has, raise your hand and what’s your findings. And to the LHS Mom, if you are beside yourself that Mrs Touchton said something’s about others in a magazine, then you should also be ashamed at how others have slandered and defamed other people’s name as well. FYI the assault on the VSU campus was not a gang related issue. Quite simply if you get stabbed in the neck, it’s not random.

    • LHS MOM says:

      If you would have read my post, I did address the fact about what others said. READ before you respond. It’s in the 1st paragraph.

      You certainly don’t sound “Neutral” to me.

      And FYI- Ms. Touchton did NOT conduct an interview with my child, who was in the gym. Nor did she with any other unless they sought her out. The list of students is protected by the same law that the tapes are.

  21. Truth Seeker says:

    “Now, we’ve learned that private investigator Beau Webster claims to have solved the teen’s murder—and he’s naming names.”- Fred Rosen

    Naming names, but not getting paid? What a web we weave.

  22. Sick of Racism says:

    It’s behind Prine’s grandson and Valdosta is nothing but a racist town so please stfu!

  23. Sick of Racism says:

    Some of you people leave me standing in awe. Valdosta is a very racist town. Doesn’t the kkk march on the 1st Friday of every month? Isn’t there a statue of a slave picking cotton with a white man and a whip? So please miss me with the crap that racism is not prevalent in that hick town! It’s obvious that Kendrick Johnson did not die as a result of an accident. If he was reaching for a shoe then why are those shoes shown near his feet? Why is blood shown on his shoe? Sheriff Prine is knew deep in this cover up! His grandson and Kendrick Johnson dated the same girl, perhaps we should start there. Hmm, where is his grandson now? He also discarded KJ’s organs to cover his tracks. (But not murder, huh? )Why go through such extremites? I can almost guarantee that good ole boy Sheriff Prine has edited any footage on the school videos incriminating his grandson and the other jr kkk kids. So please stop assisting in this murder cover up with your hatred. You people need to stop spreading hate and embrace love. The end result is a child was murdered and ENOUGH IS ENOUGH