Obamacare Premiums Higher In South GA Compared To Other Regions

| October 2, 2013

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South Georgians can now sign up for ‘Obamacare’ health insurance, but many are wondering why their premiums are more expensive than any other region in the state.

The government partly blames Phoebe Putney’s health care.  However, Joel Wernick of Phoebe Putney says that it’s a result of this region having a significant impoverished population that uses a disproportionate share of services.

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8 Comments on "Obamacare Premiums Higher In South GA Compared To Other Regions"

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I think its more so that South GA is a bunch of rednecks who refuse to give up there guns and refuse to stand down to the presidents bullcrap so he’s punishing us this way.

    • chellethesouthernbelle says:

      I’ll stick with God, guns and guts, against that usurper in the white house!

    • Rk2 says:

      & what suppose you of all of these hood thugs who, in fact, haven’t purchased permits or the firearm legally? We “rednecks” hunt ,for the most part of us, for the food we eat as opposed to drawing welfare. You’re welcome. We pay for, raise and kill, with the guns we won’t give up, beef and pork so we have our own meat. IN return helping our grocery bill, thus not having to swipe an EBT card. You’re welcome. Adolf Hitler himself said, “To conquer a nation, one must first disarm it’s citizen’s.” We may speak slow and with a draw, but don’t for one second think we’re idiots. When this whole country falls apart and Obama sends out his platoon of pawns to demand any small piece of mind I have left, I can assure you we “rednecks” won’t be overcome with ease. Please, the next time you make an attempt at undermining a certain class of people, educate yourself before you look like and complete and utter idiot. Thank you.

  2. Native Valdostan says:

    This is a result of our Politicians pandering to the unemployed, and companies that support them. If we could encourage people to move when our local economy cannot support them, rather than trying to huddle them together for political purposes, we would not have this problem. If we simply cut benefits and/or services in this area, more than a few of these indigent individuals would move to areas of better service and become someone elses burden.

    • Big Kahuna Burger says:

      And where do you expect them to go? What if every state government just forced the lower class to move to another state? The harsh reality is that your plan will just result in a significantly lower standard of living in Georgia which will damage health, education, and the economy.

      • Little Burger says:

        Ah lets sees, yep Big Kahuna Burger is right. Valdosta is a burden all with in it’s self. Only the rich Tea Party could live here and they would still want the lower of the Tea Party to get out. Goes figure!!

        Big Kahuna Burger says hi to Middle Burger.

  3. Christine Champion says:

    South Georgia does not have the ” impoverished population” that Louisiana, Mississippi, and Both of the Carolina’s have. Not to mention Detroit, Michigan alone. How do they gather their statistics?