Georgia Lawmakers Review Death Penalty Provisions

| October 25, 2013

atlanta city view night ATLANTA, GA – Georgia lawmakers held a meeting to hear arguments on both sides of the states death penalty provisions. The current state law requires death penalty defendants to prove beyond a doubt they are intellectually disabled to be spared of execution. Defense attorneys for the intellectually disabled argued the current standard is too high, and prosecutors argued unintended consequences could come if the law is changed.

Georgia currently has the toughest standard for proving disability in the United States. Other states that impose the death penalty have lower standards, and some do not have set standards at all.

Source: The Telegraph

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2 Comments on "Georgia Lawmakers Review Death Penalty Provisions"

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  1. Crystal says:

    OMG I am so tired of these dang people thinking that the Death Penalty laws are unfair. What is unfair is the people that have committed these unspeakable acts are sitting in jail on death row getting 3 squares a day and able to see, call or write to their families when their victims families are left not getting to do any of that anymore. They murder our family members and get treated like THEY are the victims. I have had murder touch my family and it ain’t easy sitting here waiting for the next shoe to drop, like they get a stay of execution or their case was overturned or they got off completely after doing this vile act they committed. I am pro death penalty, in fact I wish they would bring back the electric chair because the whole lethal injection thing is too darn easy. I know this for a fact too because I finally after over 20 years got to see the person who committed the act of murder of our family member get executed. This was way too easy, he just “fell asleep”. I mean he YAWNED!!! This is a slap in our face. Why give these people that made a choice to take another ones life get off another chance to do it again. JMO and I will get off my soapbox now

  2. Curtis says:

    Crystal, the death penalty isn’t about securing your retribution. It’s about the law. This isn’t about pro vs against death penalty, because I am pro death penalty. This is about executing mentally retarded prisoners. Regardless of how much you want to see people die, for some reason, the fact remains that it’s illegal to execute these specific types of prisoners. Your hate doesn’t change that.