CNN Report: Kendrick Johnson’s Body Was Stuffed With Newspaper

| October 10, 2013

Kendrick Johnson - Medical - Autopsy ReportLast night on CNN, it was reported that upon the second autopsy of Kendrick Johnson, performed by Dr. Bill Anderson, a private pathologist, it was discovered that Johnson’s body and skull were void of all internal organs and had instead been stuffed with newspaper.

According to CNN, a GBI spokesperson told them that the organs were placed in Kendrick’s body before it was delivered to Harrington Funeral Home.  In addition, the Georgia Secretary of State’s office, which licenses funeral homes in Georgia, has now opened an investigation into how Kendricks body was handled.

For more, see CNN’s video below:

Source: CNN

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15 Comments on "CNN Report: Kendrick Johnson’s Body Was Stuffed With Newspaper"

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  1. LHS MOM says:


    • LHS parent says:

      Then let it go, nothing happen. Let the boy rest in peace.

      • ex LHS student! says:

        yes something did happen.. the poor boy, they would not have found a shoe under his head with NO blood found on it, if he had supposedly been trying to get the black nike.. PLUS in the photos and videos it clearly shows that BOTH of HIS shoes were ON TOP of him! so please explain to me how “NOTHING HAPPENED”… i would love to know!

      • He!! to the no we will NOT let this go. Are you insane? A child was brutally murdered and someone needs to answer for it. There will be no peace until the murderer is brought to justice. Sheriff Prine can go pound sand. Who is he protecting?

      • Who is the sheriff protecting? Isn’t it his job to protect and serve? No one is going to let this go. No way on God’s green earth. Are you kidding me? The entire country now knows about Sheriff Prine and his nasty attitude about parents wanting justice for their son. The truth is going to come out. We are not going away.

      • Children of My Own says:

        If this was your child you would not be able to “Let it go”!!!! No parent should have to go through this! And shame on you for telling to let it go, something did happen. This poor boy did not fall into a mat, and that is the dumbest story they ever came up with! His parents deserve answers and the one(s) who did this to him deserve to pay for their crimes. Sounds like there are too many people covering up what happened here, including the sheriff and possibly even his family.

  2. I hope they get to the bottom of this and this family gets justice!

  3. Troy Brown says:

    This is getting out of hand. The family just wants a reason to sue the county.

  4. reggaeman says:

    Letting it go is easy when you not mourning and your child death don’t draw one to many red flags. These clowns didn’t have the decency to preserve the poor child body so it wouldn’t decompose.

  5. Jusin Igger says:

    Too many whistle blowers that exist today who would love to expose a coverup and especially disgrace Sheriff Prine and the LCSO and no one has stepped forward? Probably nothing to expose.

    Can’t claim race either because there were many black and Hispanic employees of the S.O. and G.B.I. who were involved.

    A private Pathologist was PAID to do an autopsy and surprise, surprise people got the answers they wanted. Well sure ya did because you PAID him. This pathologist was terminated/force to resign because of negligence and incompetence. Second of all he doesn’t have a review board to confirm his findings like the G.B.I.

    Next you have C.N.N. covering this….well yea because they don’t have a Zimmerman case this week and need to stir the pot. Of course the C.N.N. experts are going to contradict everything because if they didn’t they wouldn’t get on the news. It’s their job to say things to get people up in arms.

    Even the “great” Al Sharpton saw no story here and threw a couple yard chairs at the family and skedaddled because he couldn’t make a buck off of the story.

    BTW isn’t this the same kid who lived with his Granma and parents were off doing their own thing? Why all the interest now? OOOOOH yea they think the County has deep pockets and want that payout.

    Tragedy? Yes. Conspiracy? No

    • justice rayne says:

      Anyone with good sense can see this is a blatant cover-up, if you don’t it’s because you choose not to. Put yourself in these parents position and stop being so damn hateful. It’s definitely not about money it’s about being held accountable for your wrong doings and the injustice that was brought upon this child and his family. The truth will come to light and it is slowly showing. When all said and done every last one of these people responsible for his death and this cover-up will have to answer to a higher power. God don’t like ugly and this family will have justice.

      • Jusin Igger says:

        Show me the cover up. You swear it is so show me the evidence, show me the people who benefit. All you have is C.N.N. talking heads, a disgraced PAID pathologist, and a bunch of people who can’t see logic through emotion and dollar signs. What is their to cover up and who does it benefit? Too many people involved. Sorry folks but there is no shooter on the grassy knoll.

  6. Who killed Kendrick Johnson, Sheriff Prine?

  7. Dena Baker says:

    Its a dam shame that you have, suppose to be educational leaders and role models in the school system that’s murdering, and others that are covering it up. If anybody in the area wouldn’t be so dam blind would support finding out the truth. who wants their child around murders. who turns their child over into the hands of the enemy.what is this world coming too.Such ignorance.The johnson family deserves justice and enough money from a law suit to move away and start a new life from such ignorance. Never enough to repay for the loss of their child’s life being taken but, to assist with compensationinal loss.I’m a nurse I was sworn in to nurture life not take lives, policeman were sworn in to protect, teachers were sworn in to educate, coaches were sworn in to assist it maintaining sport/medicine.Get the picture!

  8. Jusin Igger says:

    [edit] Prine did it? The Teachers did it? Come on folks it was a horrible accident. When even the DOJ and other departments have reviewed this and won’t go after it then it should tell you something. The Feds would love a chance to put a feather in their hat and bring down some “corrupt country Sheriff” or some “Evil School system” but they’re not doing anything and you know why? Because their is nothing they can do because all evidence shows it was a…*drum roll* ……… Accident.

    Soon the family will give up going after the Sheriff and instead will have a lawyer prepare a suit against the County School System for Negligence or some other such nonsense and they will get a payout of around $200-500 thousand and will clam up and be content.

    Show me where it’s a conspiracy. Show me the the shooter on the grassy knoll, Show me Hoffa’s burial site, show me that Alien wreckage from Roswell. I am sure if you can find the above you will find your “murderer” also.