LCSO: Deputy, Two Others Robbed Man During Traffic Stop

| September 7, 2013

Lowndes County Police CarValdosta, GA- A Lowndes County Sheriff’s deputy is out of a job and behind bars after being charged with robbing a man during a traffic stop last month. An investigation revealed that Deputy Jason Stacks stopped a driver on North Ashley Street on August 17th.

In the course of performing the traffic stop, Stacks allegedly demanded money from the victim in exchange for not arresting him. Two citizens, identified as Miguel Reyes and Gloria Gallego, were said to have assisted the deputy in the robbery.

The man gave the trio $300 and was ‘released.’ Now, the trio of robbers are in jail facing a number of charges.

Former Deputy Stacks faces charges of violation of oath of office, robbery by intimidation, and kidnapping. Reyes and Gallego are charged with robbery by intimidation and kidnapping.

lcso robbery

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  1. Gregg says:

    GREAT!! Now I want to know when Lowndes, the state patrol, and Valdosta Police are going to be held to the same speed limit as the rest of us have to do. Lowndes county is BY FAR the worse abusers of the speed limit. I don’t EVER recall seeing a Lowndes county patrol unit following the posted speed limit. NEVER!! So why are they allowed to break that law???

    • Rk2 says:

      My sister was on Bemiss Rd following near a sheriff’s deputy. She sped up to see how fast he was going and seen he was going 65-70. Apparently he noticed and got behind her pulling her over and giving her a $600 super speeder ticket, community service and pulled her licensing. Lowndes County — keeping it classy since God knows when.

      • Nat says:

        wow, that’s crazy, so the speeding cop notices someone BEHIND him speeding, he slows down and pulls her over giving her a ticket? I wonder if that is on dashboard cam. There should be some kind of digital speed recorder that automatically records if the patrol car is speeding when they haven’t been dispatched somewhere.

    • dijussely says:

      Because the “beat” they cover is slightly large. Besides that they are trained in a way the average person is not. Law Enforcement is trained in the Academy in proper vehicle maneuvers and control.
      The way you are putting it I guess that ambulance that is carrying you to the hospital while you are suffering from that heart attack… NEVER is to “break the law” and speed?
      There is a law that law enforcement/ emergency vehicles are allowed 15 MPH over if in an emergency. Although I do not carry a scanner to be sitting by your side there are calls that Law Enforcement respond to that require them NOT to use lights and/ or sirens. For example a burglary when the violators could hear the Officer approaching.
      Now I can relate to what you are attempting to get across. I was behind a Deputy going through Valdosta one day and the light was yellow, then red and through the intersection goes the Deputy. There waiting to turn Left was the nice Mustang of the Traffic Unit. Did the Officer go after the Deputy? NOPE !!!! Did he get me? YES, not on this day, but a previous evening. MAD? Yes!! But I have to understand that I do not know where he is going … if there was a call he was going to … or even if there was a call that he was on that was responded to by another officer that was closer and that is why he went through that red light with his lights on just to turn them off after getting on the other side.

      • James Boyd says:

        They have to call in everything, all you have to do is call the police and ask why the cop is speeding and they have to tell you. It’s the law!!

      • Polly C says:

        Oh please that is such a crock. There are more officers covering a square mile than most big cities. Just ride through Valdosta and you’ll see 2 or three per block and sometimes more. They can and so they do……

        • FREIDA JOHNSON says:


      • Big Bill says:

        What law allows police to go 15 miles per hour over the posted speed limit. I do agree most police officers are given the EVOC (Emergency Vehicle Operators Course). That however does not mean they all are great drivers. They do have crashes and have totaled a few vehicles. Police do have to respond to calls quickly sometimes without operating their sirens and lights. I personally don’t care if they speed or not. My main concern is that they respond to their calls in a timely manner and they are safe. I do not believe police are above not above the laws. We should be proud of all our emergency service people. Overall they provide an outstanding service to our community. Police officers have a very dangerous and thankless job, but they are dedicated to protect us at all cost even if it cost them their life. It takes a special person to become a police officer. How many times has any of you called and ask dispatch to send a police officer out because you want to tell the to have a nice day. Never ever have I head anyone make a call like that. All it takes is one bad police officer to make all the police officers and departments look like criminals, no matter how good the department and its other officers are. It looks like the bad apple has been caught. If you don’t want a citation or ticket don’t break the law. I wish all our Emergency Services Personnel good luck, have a fine and safe day. Thank You for your services.

      • owen b iglen says:

        Let me get this straight,, he was speeding to an emergency and noticed someone behind him speeding so he disregarded the emergency and stopd the speeder to give her a ticket. Did I get that right???

      • Brett says:

        That’s what they tell you. “We are trained to drive at high speeds. I can tell you this, as a professional motor cycle for 30 years and car racing too. I have worked with some cops at some race tracks to help train them. Most of them are not any better than drivers or riders that the average Joe. They just think they are special or better. They have been told that they are because they have a badge. It is amazing to see some of the egos that they bring. Some would immediately start telling me about how good they are, it’s a waste of time and I can’t teach them anything. Those are the ones that I would just humiliate and dhow them just how bad and slow they really are. Too Funny!

    • Trish says:

      As a former law enforcement officer, I can say that you don’t always know why the officer is exceeding the speed limit. Sometimes they need to get to a call quickly but quietly….therefore no lights and sirens. I’m sure you break the speed limit just like all the rest of us do. Don’t be so quick to judge when you don’t know all the circumstances. If it were you in need of an officer, you’d want them there as quickly as possible and would be the first to complain if they weren’t there as quickly as you think they should be.

      • Kevin says:

        Having a badge does not give them any more rights then the average person.

      • Keri says:

        So, he ignored the emergency he was heading to in order to stop the lady going the same speed as him, and give her a ticket? Bull! I know MANY police personally, including one chief who thought it was funny to show me his stash of weed that he said he never has to pay for because they bust people daily, take the drugs and money and ‘give them a break’. The chief said that means we split the drugs and cash, do no paperwork and all is good. He said all this (knowing I hate drugs) and they all laughed and patted each other on the back. Every single one said they love to beat on troublemakers, ie. innocent civilians. Each and every one thinks that badge is POWER, its why they get it to begin with! They either have short man complex, like to kick the crap out of people legally or just get off on the power that they think the badge gives them. I have been to cop parties and watched every last one wobble to their cars and drive home even though I asked if they wanted a ride. They thought it was HILARIOUS… ‘Whos gonna arrest us?’ Was their response, not caring if they killed anyone. Cops are the absolute worst offenders of the law which is why they cannot stand camera phones. They act all proper but once you know them well, they are the BIGGEST crooks on the planet and I do not trust even one of them! I actually moved out of that town because I know that they know what they said and showed me. I am not paranoid but if you’ve ever seen the look in their eyes when they are gleefully telling stories about bashing heads together, I wouldn’t put anything past them if I got on their bad side or they needed someone to blame for one of their crimes.

    • Bryan says:

      They are not allowed to speed WITHOUT flashing lights UNLESS they are on a “silent call”. Georgia State Law

    • Kevin says:

      This is why you ALWAYS have your cell phone with you. Start recording these dinks.

  2. Brian says:

    Can someone explain the kidnapping charges

    • I assume it is because he was falsely arrested in the first place, and then was held there until he handed over the cash.

    • Robert says:

      O.C.G.A. 16-5-40 states that  A person commits the offense of kidnapping when such person abducts or steals away another person without lawful authority or warrant and holds such other person against his or her will.(b) (1) For the offense of kidnapping to occur, slight movement shall be sufficient; provided, however, that any such slight movement of another person which occurs while in the commission of any other offense shall not constitute the offense of kidnapping if such movement is merely incidental to such other offense. The sentence for this is very steep as well. Not less than 10 years if thr person is older than 14 yrs old. So…in Ga it doesn’t take much to catch a kidnapping charge. Just simply move someone a few steps away from their spot and you have now kidnapped.

    • Nat says:

      Another article said the three of them escorted him to his house which is when they obtained $300 from him. Leaving the scene with him and forcing him to go to his home is where the kidnapping charges come in.

  3. JIM says:

    Wear a Badge and then Fuss about some Law Enforcement driving over the speed limit….If they had Blue Lights and Siren on you would still complain….Unless you are the one he is attempting to Save or whatever!!!!

  4. Upstanding Citizen says:

    The LCSO along with every other police force in South Georgia are nothing more then a cruel joke. They operate under what I like to refer to as the “good ol boy” system. I’ve had my fair share of traffic tickets and rightfully so. I paid my fine and never gave any officer any lip for doing his job. However I’ve witnessed first hand, as in I was in the vehicle, LCSO letting someone off because they knew them or their mom or dad. The whole justice system in these parts is biased and unbalanced. If you need an example simply google the name Kendrick Johnson. I work with former city of Valdosta officers and 1 current officer. They often joke of racial profiling and unlawful searches. Bottom line the cops around here hide behind a badge and think they can get away with murder. It’ll never change. FTL


    I hate to even tell this story of why i had to move from valdosta my family lives there i really miss them alot im not saying where i had to move to to get away from the 2 cops that made me and my sons life hell ,i dont drink ,i dont do drugs ,i have auto insurance always have ,had a valid driver license .I worked at the hospital as a er nurse for some years i had a house a car a truck ,land and i had to sale it here is why i was so close to my sons school i walked him everyday then one day these 2 cops run there cruiser into our paths almost hitting us they told me i was being stopped for being a hooker near a school they went threw my purse and took out my 100 dollar bill and put it in his pocket and then he goes threw my sons backpack taking his lunch money putting it in his pocket then let us go this happened to use about 5 times then i plan a trip to disney land so i pull out 2,000 dollars to have on our vacation then they stopped use on the other side of town its like they where following me i didnt even see where they came from the search my car and purse and take 2,000 out my purse we had to go back home i called to report them so many times nothing ever happened to them so now after i sold everything i sold becouse i just didnt feel safe i live in a cheap motor home with my son traveling my son hasnt sat his foot in school for 1 year and he is ten years old we dont trust cops anymore and we wonder why there are more and more people and familys we have meet doing the samething we are i mean familys ive been told sad storys of family members shot by the police for no reason family pets dead cats dogs even a parrot it is a police state people lOWNDES COUNTY IS A TRAP I WARN THE FAMILYS OF THAT AREA BEING DANGEROUS AND HIDE YOUR MONEY WELL GOD BLESS AMERICA WE NEED IT

    • Laquita mae Jenkins says:

      Lord Jesus its a fire

    • Educated says:

      I find it very hard to believe that an RN would misspell as many words as were found in this paragraph of grammatical hell. Run-on sentences, horribly misspelled words, wrong usage of the wrong word (they went THREW her purse???) should land you in jail after being arrested by the grammar police. If you are going to post a bogus story, at least make it where the educated people on here can decipher it to some extent.

  6. I drive for a living. I drive a truck. and before you start, yes the trucking industry has it’s share of tailgating jerks. but I drive 6-11 hours a day. EVERY DAY I see cops speeding, making improper lane changes and merging, and tailgating. and because I’m not just going “down the block”, I often get to see where they go. a lot of times, they are hauling “a” from their last contact/stop, back to where they are gonna set up again in the median, or on the backside of an exit. safety? is it safe for an officer to snap an “illegal” U-turn, then run 90+ mph, to go write someone a ticket for seatbelt, or going 75mph. wtf?