Forensic Examiner Calls Kendrick Johnson Case ‘Homicide’

| September 5, 2013

Kendrick Johnson - Medical - Autopsy ReportValdosta, GA- UPDATE: According to Anderson, “fluid fills the lungs during positional asphyxia, “making a patient’s lungs weigh 800 – 900 grams each. Johnson’s lungs were said to have “weighed normal” between 240 & 260 grams.

Appearing on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 on Thursday night, Dr. William Anderson unequivocally stated that based upon his findings, that Kendrick Johnson’s death ‘was a homicide.’

Anderson, the forensic pathologist who performed the second autopsy on Johnson’s body, said that the teenager ‘was hit at least once in the neck.’ He claims that the area of Johnson’s neck that showed signs of trauma was ‘never dissected’ in the previous autopsy done by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

US Attorney Michael Moore says he continues to look into the case, but has not yet spoken with Anderson. The Dept. of Justice on Wednesday said they will not be pursuing a civil rights investigation; however, no decision has yet been made on if the DOJ will open a criminal investigation.

The GBI, Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office, and Lowndes County Coroner Bill Watson have already said they will stand by their original findings and not reopen the case on a local or state level.

UPDATE: Arrest Made In Shooting At Ashley Street Motel
One Arrested, Charged In Baytree Road Murder

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  1. A mother of a friend says:

    Whoever killed this child need to held accountable. I don’t care who it was.

    • Latrelle Fletcher says:

      I pray that justice will be served, but please believe the Lord is getting ready to show up and out.
      I’m no lawyer but I’m intelligent to know the difference between a fall and being beat and please believe he was beat. Transfering them to other places and tearing down the gym was enough to detect that someone was trying to cover
      up somesomething, but in the end you took a life and someone deserve life in prison without parole, because being prejudices you will not enter the kingdom of through those heavenly gates. You are in my prayers Johnson family be blessed.

  2. Move on folks says:

    Nobody killed him. The man was saying what he was paid to say. Mr. Andersen is as crooked as the letter S.

  3. Concerned Valdostan says:

    Dr. William Anderson has credibility issues. He was publicly accused by his boss at Florida Dept of Law Enforcement of lying. He was publicly accused of unethical behavior when working for the FDLE. This is the pathologist that the family chose? If he were killed due to blunt force trauma to the neck, then why no marks on his ankles and wrists to document that he was dragged and shoved into a mat?

    • Steve Esdale says:

      Mr. Concerned;
      My name is Steven Cohen Esdale and I live in Florida. Dr. Anderson is one of the most honorable and UN-corruptible person I know. He was the medical examiner in Sarasota at the time of my father’s death. My father’s death was classified as a natural death. The Sarasota Sheriffs’ department altered evidence and lied to Dr. Anderson. A detective named Jeff Bell was having an affair with my father’s killer. They misled Dr. Anderson into believing my father’s death was natural and no autopsy needed to be performed.

      I came along and ordered a copy of the 911 call made by my father’s killer who was his wife of three weeks pretending to discover my father deceased after a peaceful after noon nap. Upon listening to the 911 recording, I was shocked and horrified when I heard my father pleading for an ambulance after she reported him to be totally gone and not breathing. Seconds later, I heard her yelling at my father to give up. This started our 10 year fight for justice.
      Dr. Anderson has done everything he can to try to help our family obtain justice and closure. He has been met with nothing but residence from Florida Department of Law Enforcement. FDLE is nothing but a bunch of organized thugs with immunity from prosecution who cover up for corrupt law enforcement and elected officials in Florida.
      One of the nations top law men named James Casey retired last year after 30 years of service with the FBI and went into private practice. Mr. Casey was in charge of 250 agents and all FBI investigations in north Florida. After a 7 month investigation he concluded my father was a victim of a murder, not a natural death.

      One of the nations top audio forensic experts named Paul Ginsberg who does work for the FBI, CIA and DEA listened to the 911 recording and concluded that my father was being murdered in the background of a recording.
      Anyone who is attacking Dr. Anderson must be part of this organized group that allows murders in the United States to go undetected.

      • Agnostracised says:

        “Anyone who is attacking Dr. Anderson must be part of this organized group that allows murders in the United States to go undetected.”

        That statement made you look like a completely lunatic.

  4. Courtney says:

    I’m so sick of people saying he was PAID, yes he was PAID he has a job to do but so was GBI..since when does anyone work for free? STFU and find this child’s killer!

    • Jayes Tohanesin says:

      This examiner that they just somehow chose is being investigated by the FBI. The state examiner is the one that counts and he sais it was not murder. You people dont want the truth!!! You want this to be a case of murder so you can somehow get some money. P E R I O D !!!!!! E N D OF S T O R Y !!!!!

  5. sick of the bs says:

    The state autopsy said it was not murder, the person the parent’s PAID said it was murder. I smell somebody telling people what they want to hear because they wrote a check to him

  6. reggaeman says:

    I pray to God this doctor is not lying or telling the family what they want to hear. This whole case don’t add up, there is no way this child got stuck in that mat, who reaches for an item with both hands extended, you reach an item with one hand, plus the mats are 14 inches wide when rolled up and his shoulders were 18 inches wide, plus if his shoe fell in the mat It’s only common sense to tilt the mat over and get the item/shoe from the bottom. To say he went in the mat is an insult and It’s

  7. Lawstudent says:

    @concerned Valdostan out of all the media and stories I have heard and read something you said puzzled me… I never read that he was dragged by his arms and legs. Is there something you know? Hmmm Clearly you know way more than we know SMDH!!

    • GaGirl says:

      My sentiments exactly “Lawstudent!” Concerned Valdostan or Valdostan (as he goes by on Topix) does seem to know quite a lot about this doesn’t he? Hmm. Check out his posts on the Valdosta Topix pertaining to Kendrick…He claims to knows everything about the case. He claims to know what LE, coroner, GBI and were thinking during this whole process. He also knows everything about Dr. Anderson and that because he was paid for a service then his results must not be valid… He will argue with a wall… Don’t waste your time trying to carry on a conversation about this, because he only sees his way and is unable to entertain the notion that something else may have happened other than the scenario in his head.. Which may be accurate because he sure does know a lot of things that no one else has heard yet.. Maybe there is a reason that he knows so much more than the general public… Hmm?
      I personally believe that there is much more to the story than initial reports.. Then when the 2nd autopsy came back that showed different results than the first, in my opinion, that is enough to warrant additional investigation into the case… Unlike Concerned Valdostan, I cannot say with certainty what happened, because I was not there… But I do believe there is more to the story..too many inconsistencies, too many red flags for this to simply be an open and shut case.. Michael Moore should officially open the case for review and get another autopsy from a pathologist of his choice outside of Georgia. Hopefully this would lend credit to one theory or the other.. In conjunction with investigating these other red flags, such as the timeline, coroner notification delay, bruising @right jaw, mat size opening, shoes put in on top of his feet when he was upside down in the mat, and too many more for me to name… But enough of them to warrant another look by another agency not directly linked with the initial investigation. If it all comes back as an accident, then so be it.. If it comes back confirmed as homicide, then continue to investigate until the killer(s) are caught… Either way, An objective third party has determined the ultimate outcome of the case and it is one big step closer to closure for the family, friends and concerned persons everywhere who want answers for this young boy, his family, friends, school and town…

  8. Jason Sachs says:

    The man who preformed the second autopsy is being investigated by the FBI, apparently he is a person who can not be trusted and is doing this for media coverage of himself. Plus the family is just race baiting. If this DOJ of all things says no case then that tells you something with the president we have.

  9. terrell smith says:

    If that the case why reach for the shoe when he could have easily push the mat over and got the shoe.

  10. Valdostan says:

    There were several mats all stacked next to each other in a corner of the gym, the young man was in one toward the center, there would have been no way for anyone to have been able to tip the mat over because the mat itself was wedged in place by other mats.

  11. Valdostan says:

    Steven Easdale, there was a second review of your father’s case and it was closed. The medical examiner did not find the drug in the vitreous humour of your father’s eye that you told them to look for. What Dr. Anderson said in your father’s case is virtually identical to what he said in this case: need further investigation. Other medical professionals don’t agree.

  12. Valdostan says:

    In regards to the update from Dr. William Anderson, I suggest interested parties read this, and start with the conclusion. These pathologists do not use lung edema as diagnostic for positional asphyxia.

  13. Valdostan says:

    And here is another case diagnosed as positional asphyxia, without any significant internal autopsy findings. This journal article sums up the 3 criteria for diagnosing positional asphyxia: lung edema is not necessary for the diagnosis.

  14. Jayes Tohanesin says:

    If i was paid as much as this “forensic examiner” was i would say what they wanted me too. This kid was not murdered!!! This family is just trying to cause trouble in the community and looking for a quick buck!! We will see just how strong their resolve is when it turns cold outside!!