UPDATE: GBI Autopsy Findings ‘Not Consistent’ With Alleged Cause Of Death

| September 3, 2013

Kendrick Johnson - Medical - Autopsy ReportValdosta, GA- UPDATE: The independent autopsy determined that the official state autopsy findings were ‘not consistent with positional asphyxia’ and his lungs were consistent with ‘rapid onset death.’

CNN is reporting that the results of a second, independent autopsy reveal that Kendrick Johnson died by “unexplained, apparent non-accidental, blunt force trauma.”

This is in contrast to an autopsy done by Dr. Maryanne Gaffney-Kraft of the GBI, who ruled the teen’s cause of death as positional asphyxia and an accident.

A release from the Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office on May 2, referencing the autopsy and investigation, stated that “nothing learned during the investigation has indicated anything other than this was a tragic accident.”

The second autopsy reportedly found blunt force trauma to the right neck and soft tissues, “consistent with inflicted injury.” That fits in line with an EMT report from the scene on the day of Johnson’s death which noted bruising to the right side of his jaw.

US Attorney Michael Moore told CNN he is reviewing the case but has not yet launched a formal investigation. Lowndes County Coroner Bill Watson, meanwhile, is said to be reviewing the report to determine whether or not to launch a coroner’s inquest. The inquest would lead a jury to decide the cause of death, although the findings alone would have no civil or criminal consequences.

A spokesperson for the Georgia Bureau of Investigation told CNN it stands by its report after reviewing the findings of the independent autopsy.

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  1. reggaeman says:

    Ok I want to hear what the naysers got to say now. I read all the negative comments from the whites on here, so I’m interest to see what yall got to say now.

    • momof3 says:

      This isn’t a race issue. Its just politics. Many of us “whites” have known from day 1 that things did not add up. There is no way this kid’s death could’ve been an accident. Obviously someone knows the truth they just aren’t coming forward. I’m so glad a second autopsy was done and the parents have gotten some answers. Unfortunately nothing will bring their child back.

      • MrEd says:

        Yes, it is a race issue. But no, we are not blaming most whites. Just the racist ones! There are race issues throughout America! And this is truly one of them! If not why has it been covered up? So you think that any of the people involved in this cover-up is black? IJS

        • debra says:

          not all white people have had negative things to say. dont make this a race thing. i am a white woman and i have always believed that there was something suspicious about his death. and as a mother of a freshman at lowndes high i truly hope they find who done this. i dont want anyones child to have to go to school with someone capable of murder! white, black, hispanic, chinese, or any other race. its not a racial thing, its a thing about people thinking they can get away with things like this because of who they know! there are racist people in every culture and to say everything is about race will never change any of our futures!

        • Ryan says:

          So ignorant I hope they do find the guy who killed this kid and I hope he is black so you can feel like the a** you are. You hand pick crimes to prove that the white man is still oppressing the black man. Your just looking for excuses. The truth is yeah white people kill black ppl but so do black ppl and the same goes for white ppl. Grow up and stop blaming all your issues on racism I can tell you first hand its tough all over

          • Dee says:

            When a black person commits a crime the medical examiner and the police don’t cover it up

          • Georgia says:

            But the thing is he aint black…its the sheriffs son and we all know it!!! How was his body removed before the coroner arrived and why were the tapes confiscated…yea the school has cameras… now explain that!

          • Motherof4 says:

            You’re a a** for even saying something lik that whether the kid is black or white it doesn’t matter but u really think a bunch of WHITE officers are gonna cover up for a BLACK man or child b serious you’re ignorant for even makin this statement and wen the WHITE kids that did this to this child are caught you’re gonna b the one to look lik a ignorant racist

        • debra says:

          I dont think the cover up is because of him being white! I feel the cover up is actually bigger than that…I hope the truth comes out and if its anywhere near the rumors going around about what happened and who may have done it then its going to really be something…they will be looking at the football team, the law enforcement officers, and the GBI! It will make Valdosta be known for something they dont want to be remembered for! It will change the way our police work and everything.

          • Ryan says:

            Its more likely that an over worked corner made a mistake and is trying to save face. More than likely this has nothing to do with race. God help us though if it is the one retarded skin head phsycho left in valdosta. It will vvalidate every ignorant ideologie like MrEds

        • Child of God says:

          Just praying for the family

          • D the explorer says:

            Me too! That’s has got to be the most hurtful thing, not knowing. Prayers are sent that way!

          • A Christian says:

            May God have mercy on all souls involved. I pray for strength and healing for the families. I pray the truth will be revealed!

      • gvett says:

        so true!

    • Amy says:

      Hey….not all whites have been ignoring this…I’m not stupid I knew it wasn’t an accident…one step closer to the truth…it always comes out in the end!

    • gene says:

      What’s a nayser.

    • D the explorer says:

      It’s time to protect our children. Stop the finger pointing and let’s get results! I don’t want this to happen to another child and their family. We need to fight as one and beat this. If we have someone in our schools that is killing our children, then by God we need to all step up and get this person and put him where he/she needs to be. I am a correctional officer and it is so sad to see children that have killed children, which might be the case. Let’s all join together as a team fighting for results. Not as a black, white or other, but as a team! JS

    • Jill Bitner says:

      I know that it is a race issue, but I wish that were not true. I am white and have been saying since day 1 that this poor boy was murdered plan and simple. Any idiot could see just by what was reported in the paper that he was beaten and hidden to cover up. I am saddened that race is still an issue in today’s day and time, but can assure you that I spoke to the family members that were protesting outside the court house and commended them for their efforts for justice and my prayers remain with them. Unfortunatly we leave in a world where justice is not just and criminals walk free everyday, but what goes around comes around ALWAYS!!!

    • sam says:

      im white and i am glad they are getting justice for kendrick, i hope they catch the bad peoples who did it.

    • john doe says:

      Well yeah

    • LHS1996 says:

      I would just like to say that I am “white” and I have been on the family’s side ever since hearing about the case. I went to Lowndes High myself and was heart broken to hear of this tragedy. I am hurt that racial comments would be brought into this when I think it goes beyond race. I believe it was a cover up of someone’s child who’s family obviously is well-known in Valdosta, not because Kendrick was “black”. I believe when the person/teenager who did this is found, you will see that it was because someone didn’t want their name slandered because their child couldn’t control themselves. Valdosta has always been a “all about who you know” town ever since I can remember. I think the family will get justice sooner than they think. And I hope that the people involved in covering this murder up to protect their own child and their own political status get brought to justice and show this town that it doesn’t matter who you know or how much money you have or how special your daddy was to the community…. If you do the crime you do the time. I truly feel this wasn’t a race issue cover up, it was a we don’t want our family name slandered cover up and we will pay off whoever we have to to make it happen.

    • Deborah says:

      I think you should reconsider the way you made this statement because I believe there are far more whites in support of KJ’s family than you allege. I happen to be one of them, and I have never believed the official story from the beginning. This is about a child, regardless of race. Every child deserves to be safe at their school. In this case, the Johnsons need justice and truth, and everyone in this community should be in prayer for them.

  2. greaseman says:

    Finally one step closer to justice! He was a dear friend and classmate to my daughter and she spoke highly of him. Praise be to God for revealing the truth! And not all whites leave negative comments for I am white as well

  3. WhiteGuy says:

    I’ve been reading this story all day, and while I do admit that I am white, I must say that of all the colors of people in the comments that I’ve read (and believe me, there’s been too many to count) were of nothing but sympathies given to the family, and or concern for the safety of the other school members (prior to this second autopsy as to disbelief of an ‘accident’).

    I find it very disheartening that the society of white men and women get shunned because we’re “racist”, but yet here you are… singling out the “whites” because of what? Naysaying? I’m not calling anyone racist. But I don’t mind calling someone biased. Ignorant. Judgmental.

    I have had no problems with any of the races of people I’ve met, but some how there seems to be constant, but unnecessary, ‘heat’ between the whites and blacks. Now, I’m not history buff, so I’d like to skip that lecture, but I do have to say that before slavery gets brought up into conversation and of a life-long hatred to the white man, keep in mind that slavery was abolished in 1865. That’s almost 150 years ago.

    Now, back the subject at hand.

    I’m so very glad that the evidence in this second autopsy has proven that this child did not die by ‘accident’. I’m not 100% sure as to the validity of any autopsy as I am not there, and I know how crooked the government can be, but it seems that someone found a goof-up from a trained GBI professional. Which is another serious matter on its own.

    And I hope that whomever is out there that inflicted this damage gets the justice they deserve. Two-fold.

    And I’m praying for the Johnson family, still.


    Concerned White Guy

    • WhiteGuy says:

      Edit: I signed a petition in circulating in Adel to re-open this case when it was closed. And I didn’t even know the family themselves. Nor did I care about the color of their skin. My signature was there.

    • A mother of a friend says:

      I agree. For the record I am an African American

    • LHS MOM says:

      I agree to all of your points. I too sign a petition for the case to be reopened. Something from the very start smelled about KJ’s death. I know first hand as my child was in the class when he was found. What’s really scary is that we look to law enforcement for protection and this is what we get. I hope and pray the person who is responsible for his death, and whomever helped cover up the investigation will be found.
      Concerned Parent of a LHS Student.

    • Charlene says:

      WhiteGuy I appreciate you having compassion for this black family. Unfortunately, you’re still out of touch with the reality of racism. We (blacks) live this life everyday, and we don’t have to go back to slavery as evidence of our struggles. We can rewind to Trayvon Martin’s trial, or just listen to Rush Limbaugh on any given day. Racism is alive and kicking and black people who deny it is in for a rude awakening. I too have read stupid racist comments by whites about this case, and it’s pathetic.

      • really. says:

        So tired of the racist bs. Now you bring in trayvon. where were you at when the black man beat a white women half to death in front of her child where was race then. Its amazing that its never a hate crime till a black person gets hurt but let anybody else get hurt and its random violence. this white guy sees the race lines but its you the black people that are taking sides and wanting a race war. grow up we all bleed red.

        • Charlene says:

          I brought up more than Trayvon Martin’s murder, but that’s what you choose to address….hmmm, I wonder why. REALLY, if you’re tired of racism, stop being a racist. It’s as simple as that.

          • Matt says:

            You do not have to be “white” to be racist. Racism is “alive and kicking”and as evidenced by your comments Charlene you need to take a closer look at this:

            : a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race

            : racial prejudice or discrimination

          • Matt says:

            Most people on here are just that. PEOPLE. Concerned people that are glad someone was willing to take a closer look at a shady situation. It doesn’t have to be about he color of anyone’s skin.

          • Mary says:

            And you, Charlene are racist yourself! You are contributing to the problem!

        • Motherof4 says:

          It’s not jus about wen a black person or a white person gets hurt it jus the truth at hand so many WHITE ppl wanna make it seem lik the racist thing was so many years ago but its not I c it everyday at wrk dealing with different customers we BLACK ppl aren’t callin every WHITE person rasict it’s jus a fact that ppl try to cover it up lik it’s not still a issue in today’s society

      • Robert says:

        Rush Limbaugh as racist?? Really interesting to say the least. While I don’t listen to him at all I cannot comment to his views but I would offer up Tom Joyner as being racist. It is sad that everyone here is using this poor child’s death as a reason to bring up a race issue. Our justice system is not perfect. …as with no other justice system. We can only hope and do our best at interpreting the information that is given when called to decide something of this magnitude. Trayvon was put through the cout system. You don’t know all the information and evidence given and heard unless you were there the whole trial. Using Trayvon and Rush to validate your viewpoint on racism is shallow. Racism will not die unless we all come together and stop living in the past. The civil war is over. Harriet Tubman and Rosa Parks did their duty. When and why will you do your duty to end the racism? Has everyone here forgotten the word of Matin King Jr? This is about a child possibly being murdered…..not racism.

      • Dee says:

        Or look at the medical examiner. Is he incompetent or just going along with the coverup

      • Pearl says:

        The problem is that a whole race is being blamed for the idiots who say crap like that. It is not right or fair, people could also pin stupid crap about the African American race as well.

        Oh look at the ‘black’ guy who robbed the store down the road. Or how about R Kelly peeing on that kid. Maybe the dog fighting, or the basketball player who drowned the two dogs.

        My point is that every race has their ignorant jerks, I for one do not look at the race as a whole for the misdeeds of a few. What one person does is not defined by their race, but by who they are as an individual.

        The same store that was robbed by the ‘black’ guy was also robbed twice by ‘white’ guys. When I read the news paper and flip to the arrests section I see so many names, but never say oh look at how many ‘white’ names or ‘black’ names in here. Fact is they are all just names of people who strayed down the wrong path.

        Not everything has to be about race. Why is it that nobody has evolved enough in the 30 years I have been around to be able to just look at things as what they are. It is a tragic situation and if ‘white’ kids did this then they should be tried to the fullest extent of the law as adults, and the same goes for if it was ‘black’ kids.

      • Tabatha says:

        Charlene, I totally agree that racism is still very much “alive and kicking” but I do not believe that just because an African American dies it is due to a race issue. At the present time no one knows who killed KJ. It may have been a white person or it may have been a black person. Unfortunately as long as it has taken to get accurate results in the cause of death we may never know. Instead of turning this into a race issue before all of the facts are in, please just pray for the family and pray that they receive justice for the loss of their loved one. That is what is most important, not the color of the skin of the person who did this.

    • Valdosta Junky says:

      as we all know in todays society everyone is out to blame someone, with that said race should not be an issue her but we also know it will always be brought up. Now, if i pay for a cheesebuger, i want a cheeseburger, not what someone tells me is acheese burger..if i pay for an autopsy that states one thing then thats what i want…. consider an “expert” for a criminal defense case….i pay them to be my expert then that is what they are, “paid” for supporting my case. what does the GBI have to gain by lying about the case? facts are facts and yes sometimes people make mistakes but being paid gets you what you want. my two cents. lets be prayerful and hope who ever knows the truth gets brave enough to speak up.

    • wanja27 says:

      When I came to the USA from Africa, I honestly believed that indeed Slavery was over. I have been in this country for 8 years and while Slavery in the way it was practiced is over, I am sorry to say that the reality of discrimination due to race is real. It is sometime subtle but sometimes right on your face. I have two sons and a daughter and I can understand when they say that the Black man is in trouble over here. You have to live it to understand….

    • Tasha says:

      You’re right slavery did end 150 years ago,
      but that didn’t end racism. Hatred for all other races by some white people continues today. I’m 33 years old and played with white kids on the playground as a child but still got called a nigger by some. You can ask many blacks and they have similar stories. YOU don’t see it because you can’t walk in a person of color shoes. Its subtle because you can’t be openly racist anymore. It’s not white sheets, but its anonymous comments on the internet. Getting pulled over because your car is nice and your (not white), Wearing a hoodie a night, Your child not getting an invitation to a birthday party, but the rest of the class (white) got one. Being told to rinse your hair to get in the YMCA pool because the chemicals “you guys” put in your hair harm the pool(why is the lifeguard not telling everyone to rinse their hair) I could go on and on. Law had to be passed to end slavery, we had to go through the civil rights movement where many blacks died to get equal rights. Those people were many of our grandparents. My 54 year . old mother remembers and experienced Jim Crow. Things changed because Laws were passed to make change. It wasn’t voluntarily done. We’re only 50+ years out from desegregation. if you think racism is gone and we people of color overreact you are sadly naive. Those who hate teach their children to hate, so the cycle continues.

  4. nikki says:

    The truth will set u FREE:)

  5. Sophie James says:

    First of all I’m white too and I have thought from the beginning that something wasn’t right. Seriously????? My 7 year old wouldn’t even crawl in a mat and suffocate. Second, not all whites are haters just like all blacks ain’t hating whites. My personal belief is JUSTICE should be served. I know how Lowndes County is and all the “officials” stick together. I sincerely hope that someone “straight up” investigates and IF it wasn’t accidental then punish whoever BUT if it was an accident then R.I.P. Kendrick Johnson!!!!

  6. Amanda says:

    For the record i am WHITE and when i first heard of this story and pictures i about fell out of my seat. How dare they say it was an accident you can tell by PICTURES and the way he looks that he didn’t just fall down and suffocate! someone beat the crap out of him! R.I.P I hope you get justice

  7. Anonymous says:

    It’s been an extremely sad situation all around. Unfortunately, I’m afraid that outside influences have caused there to a public outcry over a terribly tragic accident that was nothing more than that. Instead of celebrating this remarkable young man’s life, people are too interested in looking for someone or some people to blame. This second autopsy has not cleared up anything either way. There is only a finding of said blunt force trauma to the neck and soft tissue surrounding the area. In no way does it state any cause or manner of death. If the coroner was as concerned as he proclaimed, he could have called for an inquest long ago. That way, any and all “witnesses” could have been gathered and there would have been more answers, instead of lawyers and “concerned friends” who benefit more by dragging this out to play out in the public and in the media. If the coroner felt “left out” and thought it was strange how everything played out that day and after the first autopsy, then why didn’t he insist on the inquest? As a tax payer in this county who has a vote to cast in the next election, I would like to hear why he insists on casting a negative light on other elected officials. Asking for an imquest is well within his job description. If anything, it seems that he knows as well as most that this was a horrible, horrible accident. I hope that this young man’s family, especially his parents will soon know some peace. It’s a heart wrenching ordeal losing a child, especially when you have it happen in such a strange way. If there has been no witness nor any concrete proof that KJ was murdered or even in fear for his own safety, then what? Did 3000 people just turn a blind eye out of that entire school? I just don’t buy it. Rest in peace, KJ.

    • elaine says:

      Would your story be the same if this was your child, grandchild or family member??? It is easy to say it was a terrible accident when it didn’t knock on our back door… I would want answers too… a blind man could see that evidence did not add up… and the gym being destroyed before the case is solved… someone is really trying to cover something up…. who ever that had a part in this injustice have be living a misable life I personally would not be able to sleep knowing that God sits high and HE sees everything…no one gets away with wrong doing…One day they will stand before The Ultimate Judge!!! God has spoken Amen

      • Anonymous says:

        Absolutely. As hard as it is to admit that accidents actually happen, they do. Every single day. I first thought something was amiss as well. I think most people did until they heard what the facts were. There are no other conflicting facts that can be produced or verified at all. I have no reason to be on either side, and I’m not. I happen to be as neutral as can be. I do know how law enforcement, autopsies, murder investigations, and criminal investigations work. Probably more than most people can say that they know. I beg you to look at what you know about everything in this case. Ultimately, one thing that just doesn’t make sense at all is how it is such a “cover-up” by a sheriff who has no reason to cover-up a murder. That’s just insulting to him as a human being, a husband, a father, and as an elected law enforcement official. I don’t know him personally, but what real purpose would it serve anyone for him to say that it is an accident instead of a murder? Be honest. Wouldn’t it stand to reason that he would be able to put a “feather in his cap” if he were to have a murder investigation into this death, and perhaps pinned the murder on an actual suspect or even on a framed suspect? Makes no sense at all. Actually, it seems that to declare this death a tragic accident would have been the least popular “decision”. The reason for the coroner not to be brought into the gym was nothing other than a formality. Our coroner is NOT a medical official, nor does he have to be in our county. Is anyone aware of that? The only protocol he would have performed at that scene was to confirm that KJ was deceased. Nothing more. He has no investigative skills nor any medical credentials. He was not called earlier because he would have been made to sit in the parking lot of that school until he was given clearance to enter the building. Sadly, none of this will bring this child back. If he had been murdered, then absolutely I would want his killer or killers to be brought to justice. I’m not saying that it wasn’t possible that he was not murdered. HOWEVER, there is no evidence pointing to who, what, when, where, how or why. That’s the only issue that concerns me. I’ve known of an individual that perished from positional asphyxiation. It is a horrible and excruciatingly painful way to die. There’s no shame in it being that accident. It’s just as sad Either way, Heaven has an angel, and I pray that he will have the justice he deserves.

        • TLa says:

          The fact that the police did not handle this situation appropriately should raise red flags (accident or not). When Ms. Benjamin was found dead, the proper procedures were taken. There is more to the story and if this an accident, okay, everything has been fleshed out. if there is foul play, then it is time to try to find out what really happened.

          • Ryan says:

            There are ppl checking and double checking to make sure everything adds up and is correct. Mistakes are made all the time. If you look hard enough you will probably find half a dozen atleast in every case in the history of the american legal system. Its the product of useing humans to solve crimes

          • Anonymous says:

            Let me ask, though. What “proper procedures” were or were not followed in each case? I can tell you right now with absolute certainty that there was indeed a public outcry at first with Ms. Benjamin and her unfortunate murder. The way that case was handled was a little different for several reasons. The main reason was that they knew very early on in the investigation that this was a murder case. People cried foul because of the apparent lack of public information, however, in this particular case, law enforcement held information back because of the sensitive nature and quite honestly because you can’t just run out and arrest someone that you are “pretty sure” did the crime. They had to make sure that these charges would stick, that the DA would have a case, and that the suspect wouldn’t bolt from the area that he was located to parts unknown. Frankly, it was damn good police work. So, just because we now know what happened to Ms. Benjamin, please do not foolishly believe that people just sat back and let the police do their job. There was quite the grumble amongst the community. Now. With that being said, I can tell you what I know to be true. I do know that many people have been interviewed, security footage has been looked over many times. There has been an investigation into this death. Did it come out the way a majority of outspoken individuals have wanted it to? Not really. So, a second autopsy, paid for by donations was conducted. An official coroner’s inquest should have been requested after the first autopsy by the coroner. He was the one trying to deflect community backlash and scrutiny. In the end, however, he did sign off on the autopsy performed by the GBI crime lab that didn’t know anything about the case. If there was an overwhelming feeling of the autopsy being flat out wrong and “fixed”…well, don’t you think that could have been addressed at that point? The sad part of this is the wealth of MISINFORMATION, SPECULATION, RUMOR, AND INNUENDO that is circulated. I see a lot of it here. The conspiracy theorists are out! As for the “death photo”. I do not for one second doubt that that is KJ’s face. What disturbs me is the implication that KJ is being compared to Emmett Till. It is downright disgusting. First of all, while I will be the first to agree that racism is alive and kicking, even to this day all over the country–not just here in the South–the Emmett Till case and KJ are just not even in the same category. Emmett Till was a 14 year old kid visiting MS from Chicago in the 50’s–a time in the Old South that is rife with horrible stories of deaths and blatant hate crimes because it was the time that Southerners were too damn proud to see equality with all people. Emmett allegedly “flirted” with a white woman and was brutally beaten, eye gouged out, and thrown into the river, only to be found 3 days later. KJ, from what we have learned, was not a newcomer to the city. He had lots of friends at LHS of all races. I don’t see that he was killed for flirting or dating or whatever with someone not of his race. If that were the case, we would have lots of deaths on our hands here. Interracial dating, marriage, and friendship is not a new or blind item here, even though in some respects we are still slow and backwards in our thinking. So, to generalize KJ’s death as a “hate crime” seems far-reaching. Now. As far as the picture is concerned. Has anyone seen or know what happens in positional asphyxia? In this case, KJ was in a breathing-restricted position that can most definitely distort the facial area from the upside down suspension. If he had been beaten to death, then there would have been massive cranial or brain trauma. I believe none was observed. Again, none of us were there. I think that we give our law enforcement too much credit in orchestrating an elaborate cover-up in such a short amount of time that is supposedly so far-reaching. I’m not even going to comment on any other racial element because while I do believe that race plays a factor in the way lots of things happen, I just don’t buy it in this case. In the Trayvon Martin case–absolutely right. That young man was gunned down by a crazy, paranoid person that had no regard for human life outside himself. I believe that race played a major part in that crime and in its outcome. I am saddened that we are unable to help put this matter to rest for the family. We are unable to all celebrate the life and know who this young man was because we are too caught up in “what-if’s” and “maybes”. Let’s go ahead and get that inquest now…quit pointing fingers and blindly accusing our law enforcement officials. If we want answers, then lets get them. Please. #RIPKJ

        • Alia S.. says:

          hear hear! i agree

      • Alia S.. says:

        I do not think God has speaks through people like you who decide what “the truth” is based on nothing more than what you wish the truth to be.

    • Motherof4 says:

      Ha an accident ?? your face doesn’t get bashed in from an accident teeth dnt jus fall out from suffocating..if the coroner got paid off to say it was a accident wut do u think he did?? Said it was a accident duh it’s jus not a possibility at all that that could’ve been an accident if so how did the young boy wit broad shoulders fit inside that Matt without being placed and rolled up in there?? B serious the evidence is there they r jus TRYING to cover it up period point blank there’s no other explanation he truth will come to the light sooner then u all think whether black or white

    • tammy says:

      yes alot of people turn there heads if there asked to…but something is really strange an this should be brought to attention if there’s camara’s in the school why is no one reviewing them… yes most officials an people over there have friends of friends who will cover up anything to keep there good family name etc.. wake up it was murder.. my gut says that an my guts never wrong an i haven’t even seen the actual story.. get to the truth an whoever you are need to step up now an face ur punishment like a real person then the fake richy titsy u are … R.I.P KJ!! I HOPE WHOEVER DONE THIS GETS HIT 10 FOLD WITH THE KARMA BUS….PRAYERS TO THE FAMILY.. GOD SPEED SHOW THEM THE TRUTH THEY AT LEAST DESEARVE THAT AN OH BY THE WAY I’M A WHITE GIRL!

  8. WhiteGirl says:

    I am WHITE and have been disgusted with the handling of this case from day 1! I knew there was something up with the story. It is horrible our law enforcement has covered something up. I pray the Johnson family finds the truth and peace one day. so horrible

  9. Chasity Comerford says:

    There were a lot of negative comments placed on this young man and his family’s devotion and dedication to their child. I don’t care if they were from whites or any other race, that is not the issue. Their negativity is not relevant. No matter the race of this precious life lost, his family deserves the truth and justice to be served. His quality of his life is not defined by what race he was. The family may deserve an apology but that apology will never make up for what they have endured. Stop allowing people’s ignorance to outweigh the value of a persons soul by constantly commenting on it. That ignorance doesn’t deserve any attention. It definitely doesn’t deserve to take away from the true matter at hand. I know that if one of my children is ever hurt, no one will ever take focus off of their value by defending their race instead of standing up for the value of their soul. There will always be people who treat other races different from their own. Their will always be those that hold a higher value to their own race. But, by focusing on their Oh so misguided beliefs, you allow them to take from reality of what really matters and what value each of us have. Please, let the ignorance stop at the idiot that possesses it. Don’t let any of it take anything else from another person.

  10. Dont worry Because of evildoers and dont envy the wicked For the evil have no future the lamp of the wicked will be put out!! Justice for the Johnsons

  11. LHS STUDENT says:

    Honestly, I am a Lowndes County High School student and have heard numerous rumors about this case. One being that it was over a female another being that the sheriff’s son was involved and another being that he was murder by a young African American male. No one knows the true story. Also, don’t let this fool you because death caused by blunt force trauma can be a variety of things such as by impact or physical attack. They can easily come back and say it was caused by impact and everyone that thought he was murder would have to start their investigation from the beginning. I’m not taking anyone’s side just give people the benefit of the doubt. What if it comes out that the death was truly accidental by blunt force trauma then the sheriff and his family definitely are owed an apology by everyone who has bashed their name. On the other hand if it was a murder then it needs to be handled as a murder case. This case is getting a lot of attention because there was a body found in a high school which is rare not because of race.

  12. guy says:

    this story broke many hearts as to know that such a tragic event can take place to kids so young at school. i will not state my race, because it doesnt matter. there is a on going and constant problem with prejudice and racism. i will not take part in that. may god send his blessings and everlasting love to the family and friends of this young fellow, and may we one day learn to live without the cruelty and evil amongst us humans.. rip my brother.

  13. Teri says:

    Color isn’t an issue. This poor young man suffered by the hand of another human and that’s the issue here. I’m am very glad Kendrick’s family and friends stood behind him. And now that the real cause of death has come out I’m praying that the culprit is found and punished.

  14. Moses says:

    There’s a lot of evil at Lowndes High School and it’s not all the students.

  15. MomOfTwo says:

    I was on the phone with a mother of an LHS student when she got a text saying there had been a student found dead, due to an accident. The first thing we both thought as mothers was why was he missing all night before they noticed??? We later found out that he lived with his Grandma & not with either parent. I was shocked to find out that it took the Lowndes Sheriff’s dept. 4 hours to call the coroner. Why? It has seemed weird from the start. My husband wrestled in High School & he said no way on those mats being rolled up that way. I truly hope that there will be justice for KJ and that those who truly loved him & were a part of his life can have a sense of peace. oh, btw, I’m “white” as if it matters.

  16. GETaGrip says:

    Hmmm. Who is to say that this autopsy isn’t wrong? What I have not understand from the beginning is why kj didn’t have a locker? The parents couldn’t give this young man seven dollars to get a locker? Second of all this man was out of place. That tells me you were not following the rules. hmm. So there for you were somewhere you had no business being. If you want to play it the hard way and believe all the rumors then who is to say the rumors about him as far as being with a girl in the gym isn’t true? Another thing that puzzles me is how in the world could several coroners sign off on the autopsy report and be wrong? why would they risk their credentials for something as such? I mean I can go on and on. I just believe that they just need to accept that facts and start their healing. And quit thinking that the “white folk” is against them. I mean its time to move on. Maybe just MAYBE it was an accident!!!!

    • Kys says:

      Getagrip! Lets forget the autopsy 1st and second all the Coroners and investigators for a min. Lets forget completely about the locker cause that’s irrelevant. Lets looks at some facts that anybody with common sense would see and realize this was not an accident. 1 being the emt reported bruising on his cheek. 2 the child’s face looked like he had been beat severely. 3rd most important fact the way his body was in that mat with his shoes placed neatly on top of his feet inside the mat with socks only on his feet. Did he fall in and suffocate then grab his shoes and place them neatly on top of his feet as an afterthought? Lets forget what your buddies at the sheriff department or within the school system told you and use your own brain and draw a conclusion!

      • Alia S.. says:

        According to the police report, the 7 ft mats were rolled and standing upright -like a vertical cylinder. They had previously been rolled and laying horizontally, but over the x-mas holidays they had been placed in a vertical position. Before the x-mas holidays kj (and others apparently)used the mats to stash their gym shoes in lieu of a locker. When the mats were turned upright the shoes fell to the bottom of the mat. It was known to all that kj (and others) frequented the gym to change shoes. This was a normal part of kj’s routine, not out of the ordinary. One of the shoes was still at the bottom of the mat that kj was inside of, the other fell off the top of the mats, along with kj’s books, when they turned them over to retrieve kj’s body. His socked feet were seen sticking out of the mat by the two students who first discovered his body. So there were two witnesses to the position of kj’s body when it was found, upside down in the mats. The shoes were not “placed neatly on top of his feet.”

    • WhiteandASHAMED says:

      This truly, is a disgrace!!!! It doesn’t matter of what happened before his death! This is about THE cover up, of the death a 17 yr. old high school kid, at SCHOOL!! Race is most definitely an issue here!!!!! As a white person, I know that most whites hate to admit that racial issues are still VERY active, even in this day and time!!! And most turn a “blind eye” when race is involved!!! It is VERY CLEAR that the explanation of what happened doesn’t add up!!! And almost everybody’s comment I’ve read agrees to that!!!! Black or White!!! So now, I have to ask myself why would this case be covered up??!!??? And who could pull off a cover up of this magnitude??!!?? I’m 100% sure, if the kid who died had of been white, and there was any signs of foul play this would have been solved months ago!!!!! Furthermore, I would like to point out that, IF the rumors are true, that a member of the sheriffs family was involved, that sets the stage for the lies, deceit, and cover up!!! This was NO ACCIDENT!!!! No justice, NO peace!!! I pray for the family and friends of KJ!!! God will prevail!!!!

    • tammy says:


  17. mememe says:

    Reggaeman, why are you making this a black/white issue? There were a lot of whites opening showing their support for his family!!

  18. Wow... says:

    GetaGrip, while I know you’re just playing devil’s advocate, whoever said the initial autopsy was correct. Credentials don’t mean anything if the sole objective is to cover someone or something up so be for real. People with specific roles like law enforcement, politicians, CEOs do things like this all the time. Stop being ignorant. And I don’t care if he was skipping class to ride a tricycle and do donuts throughout that entire gym, that still doesn’t justify his death. We’ve all been teenagers before. Now you go out and get yourself a grip.

    • Alia S.. says:

      Whoever said the second, PAID FOR autopsy was correct?

      • Wow... says:

        Alia, spare me, I didn’t say it was but I also didn’t say the initial autopsy was correct either. Then again, why on earth would I believe anything the county or state or says when they clearly started this entire investigation out on the wrong foot by taking 4 hours to contact the coroner when state laws states otherwise? That knowledge was free.

  19. Kys says:

    Getagrip! Lets forget the autopsy 1st and second all the Coroners and investigators for a min. Lets forget completely about the locker cause that’s irrelevant. Lets looks at some facts that anybody with common sense would see and realize this was not an accident. 1 being the emt reported bruising on his cheek. 2 the child’s face looked like he had been beat severely. 3rd most important fact the way his body was in that mat with his shoes placed neatly on top of his feet inside the mat with socks only on his feet. Did he fall in and suffocate then grab his shoes and place them neatly on top of his feet as an afterthought? Lets forget what your buddies at the sheriff department or within the school system told you and use your own brain and draw a conclusion!

  20. Really says:

    Seriously to the ones that say it was all accidental have u seen the before and after pics ?? And to those who say oh it was not a racial issue I mean really because if the kid woulda been white justice would be served what if it was your kid? Fools! This family needs closure and KJ deserves Justice!#IAMKENDRICKJOHNSON

  21. lowndes68 says:

    its not a white thing or black. its a bad thing that happened to a child and family. Do not hold all of lowndes highschool in with who ever did this awful thing or all whites for that matter. Nobody knows if the ones who did it was black or white anyway. But i whis blacks would feel just as bad as a white kid being killed as they do black, where was al sharpton and jessie jackson when the 3 black men shot and killed that runner?

    • Wow... says:

      Did the Australian family reach out to Al Sharpton’s National Action Network? I don’t think so. Al Sharpton didn’t just turn up in this story, they reached out to him. I’d be glad to send him a letter/email asking him to shed light on the issue, but why? His murders have been caught and will stand trial.

  22. MyCousinsKeeper says:

    Please do not hide the truth with lies..If you know something just say it because in the end, things will turn out way worse. He is my cousin && I wish you could understand what it is like to know everyday that your deceased cousin is being lied about && the person guilty of it is just enjoying life with no worries. PLEASE, I beg you, just do what’s right and tell us what really happened.!
    -RIP KJ-

    • Chasity Comerford says:

      YOUR voice is the relevance. YOUR feelings hold the only value here. YOUR pain and loss, along with your family’s, is what matters. NO ONE else, or their personal, mostly misguided, and unneeded opinion has any worth. Including my own. No one knows exactly what happened the day your family was robbed of a life. No one. No matter who they heard what from. All these assumptions and know it all conclusions are pointless. Why this happened or why it has gone this far is not known by any of the ones placing their feelings on this. And what would have been done differently if circumstances would have been changed is also completely unknown. I want to say that my heart goes out to you and your family. My prayers continue for your peace. And my respect goes to your determination and dedication for KJs life and finding the truth to seek peace and/or justice. When all is said and done and everyone who had their “Oh so important and correct” opinions fade away just as quickly as they came. When they cease to have any of this in their thoughts and continue on in this life taking their loved ones lives for granted. Leaving without ever knowing your heartache and void. I pray that your family’s hearts can rest. I pray that you each can feel that through all your determination the truth will be known, no matter what that truth is. May your hurt heal and your thoughts of your lost loved one be thoughts of the beauty he brought to your lives and never again be thoughts of uncertain and desperation for the truth. God Bless You. And HE will, regardless of what anyone has to say or place judgement on. ALL that holds value here is you and your family.

  23. GETaGrip says:

    I have no friends in the Police department and I don’t have any in the Lowndes County system. Might I add I think very well. I believe that it was an accidental death and that could of been avoided if he would have been where he was suppose to which was class!!! Agree or not it’s up to you. Watson was the first coroner to say that it was something wrong with the scene BUT he was also one of the final few coroners that signed off that it was an accidental. Blunt force trauma to the neck and jaw they say which shows it is away from the front of the mouth…then why was his teeth out? You had long dreads in your “school picture” why were your dreads short in the picture? Did the supposedly killer cut his dreads too? I personally believe that the picture was Photoshopped!!!!

  24. Blue says:

    Listen, everybody needs to cut the racial crap out. I mean really white ppl care what happens to black ppl, i mean we are all human. Im white and i have thought the whole time that something wasnt right. It dont matter if he was white or black he was a human that lost his life when he shouldnt have. And if anybody wants to call any
    Body racist, black ppl is the most racist of any race. Im married to a black man so i know im far from racist but heres the thing. He was murdered and justice needs to be served REGARDLESS OF HIS SKIN COLOR. Ppl that still brings up the race cards needs to grow
    The hell up…

  25. Wow... says:

    GetaGrip go get a life because when the pictures got out, the sheriff could have cleared that up by saying the same thing you just said, photoshopped. Instead he apologized for the manner in which the picture got out and became available to the public. Stop being delusional. I, for one, am glad you are not in any type of law enforcement because you believe everything you read not even taking into account the case was handled incorrectly from the very beginning. You’re such a sad individual. If the county would have did their due diligence and handled the case correctly from the get-go, none of us would be here voicing our concerns about our local law enforcement.

    • GETaGrip says:

      I guess because I don’t agree with what you are saying it makes me not have no life? No, that’s the thing with the entire situation also, just because one don’t agree with the family and the supporters it is like they get persecuted. You think I believe everything I read? I guess I can say the same for you! You should not believe everything you read nor hear. I don’t know why he apologized because he had nothing to do with the picture getting out. The parents wanted everyone to see it so why should he apologize? I wouldn’t have. The family said early on that they were not allowed in the school to see their son. If that was the case how did they get that picture? hmmm, the funeral home perhaps?? And he might have said that the investigation was handled wrong in the beginning BUT should the family and their “sometime supporters” apologize to him personally for accusing him of having a grandson that had something to do with it? WHICH WAS TOTALLY WRONG!!! yes they lost a son, but I guess it is hard for some people to accept the fact that it was just an accident.

      • Wow... says:

        How do you know? Were you there? Perhaps you rolled him up in the mat. Not once have I said anything about his death not being an accident. I simply said you were being naive and ignorant in so many words, you just didn’t catch on. Furthermore, you don’t have to know 1+1 to figure out that something was not handled correctly and to not ask questions. If you have reason to avoid state law then the community has reason to ask questions. My point is if the sheriff and his peers would have followed protocol in the first place, none of us would be wasting our time voicing our opinion about the whole thing. That’s not to say the family still wouldn’t have questions about his death, but at least they could live with the fact that law enforcement did their due diligence. In this case, they did not and what may have really been an accident has been blown way out of proportion because of it. As for the “paid for autopsy” lets say a 3rd one is done by the DOJ and it coincides with the second one, then what’s your point. The autopsy was done for a second opinion that’s just like when people are diagnosed with cancer, they pay for a second opinion.

  26. Jim Smith says:

    My opinion now is the same as my opinion from the June 11, 2013 article: “This second autopsy is important for two reasons. If the original findings are confirmed, it will help give this family closure. If the second autopsy points to murder, then that means there is a killer in our community who needs to be brought to justice. If Kendrick Johnson were my child, I would want every avenue exhausted to definitely answer the question of why he died. A young man is dead, it is unacceptable for there to be any unknowns about why.” The second autopsy now seems to point to murder. If there is any question about the cause of this young man’s death, the Lowndes County Sheriff’s Department needs to reopen this investigation immediately.

    • Alia S.. says:

      the second autopsy doesn’t point to anything at all, accept that the family got what they paid for

  27. kelley frm swflorida says:


  28. Devastated says:

    When I first came across this story and picture of this young man, I knew that this was no accident. I’m hoping that justice is served to give some type of closure to the family. RIP YOUNG MAN……

  29. Tired of name calling... says:

    I pray for this young man’s family, that they find peace and closure in this awful event. Everyone deserves justice. I am still so sad to see black vs white in this story. Both races are defensive, blaming and offending each other rather than listening. Why don’t we stop the blaming and reach out a hand to each other? Why is the opposite race the first cause of any tragedy? Too many assumptions are made, only to fuel this hate. Enough already… BOTH RACES!!

  30. Marcus Kawasaki says:

    First and foremost it was a tragedy what happened to this young man. I am a parent and would be troubled by any wrong doings by anyone who is an authority figure. I am concerned over many of the comments I have been reading and definitely more concerned over some of the actions of the those that sit downtown under the tree. Daily I ride by on my way to my place of employment and watch as many assemble for protesting reasons but it seems to be more of a family gathering. I have read comments on social media that curses those “working” citizens of Lowndes County then asks for the support of the community. Who is to say that the second autopsy is legit….because it says what the supporters want it to say. I agree with GetaGrip that there is a strong possibility that the photo that has been displayed is photo shopped. If blunt trauma was to the neck and soft tissue explain the reasoning for missing teeth in the front. Also the photo displays short dreads yet he supposedly had long dreads. The grace of the Martin family is not displayed here. Not once have the parents of Trayvon Martin acted out of character yet they are causing a legislative changing movement. Please before calling out murderers be sure that ALL facts are presented and not just the facts that support your theory of thinking. God bless Valdosta because we need him like never before!

  31. lowndes68 says:

    everyone needs to stand together black and white . let god knows who did it,he will take care of them. god protect the good of lowndes county and valdosta who has done no wrong,

  32. Kys says:

    Getagrip just because the final blow that caused his death was to the side does not mean there were not other blows. Blunt force trauma was the cause of death. If you tell your wife you are going to work and make a detour at the gas station for whatever reason and you get killed that’s your fault um no it’s not. You don’t know where he was supposed to be or how he got in that gym so please let’s deal in facts only

  33. Strong Black woman says:

    I think that anytime one race holds another entire race responsible for the actions of few is racists!!! Therefore the blacks that scream this case is racists, is in fact, being racists!! Please stop hijacking this story of this child’s murder to air your racist views!! I pray for the family and the ENTIRE community!! May they all have closure..

  34. Mother and Grandmother says:

    I pray for this young man’s family and for the community as well. I am a native american. If any one has room to complain about people encroaching on the rights of a race it would be my people. Instead we handle things with grace. This is not an issue of race this is an issue of a child being murdered. Let us not lose sight of what is really important and quit using the cop out of racism.

  35. NiNew says:

    I think we all should stop what we are doing and focus on the main topic at hand. KJ was found dead, they said no foul play even though the pics says otherwise, and now the EMS and the 2nd autopsy facts match. Now we just need to keep prayers circulating, and stick together as a whole to see this thing through. God made us all, so let’s come together and watch him work. This is about KJ not the color of our skin.

  36. myself says:

    Glad the family loved their child enough to hold strong. If it was murder, I hope and pray for a speedy end. What is sad is that this child’s and families situation was never given the local media attention it deserved. If they had, maybe a quick resolution would have been found sooner.

  37. A level head says:

    I’m sorry for the kid’s death, but don’t you think the law enforcement at the scene know what they are talking about or the people that found the young boy’s body know what they are talking about?

    How can a second coroner complete an exam months later and find new evidence, even after the body is decomposing?

    I understand the family wants justice, but maybe what happened was an accident, like James Eunice falling off the boat and into Ocean Pond in 2011. Both are terrible incidents and it is terrible a child lost a life.

    And finally, why is this a race thing? It doesn’t matter if the kid was purple or pink, if the evidence and the people trained to investigate these type of cases say the death was an accident, then why does race even matter? This is 2013. We just celebrated MLK’s 50th year anniversary of his march, we have a black president and other high-ranking officials that are of multiple race, like a Supreme Court justice with a Hispanic heritage. Race doesn’t matter anymore, but I guess it does in South Georgia, which is a sad sight for the town and its people.

    Trust what the agents and police say, take race out of this, move on and celebrate the kid’s life and make a positive out of this by starting a scholarship fund and sending kids off to college in memory of KJ. If this doesn’t end, you’ll have he said, she said for 20 years. That is honoring this kid’s life AT ALL.

  38. ashley says:

    I went to lhs 5 yrs ago and i know there are cameras all around that school. Why the hell havent they checked the cameras??

  39. Praying "Black" Mother says:

    I do have to apologize to the “whites” on bealf of the ignorant comments that were made. It disheartened me to read that this has turned into an issue of race, rather the pain and suffering that this family has indured. We ALL should be praying and thanking God that this baby did not die in vain. The fact that this community, as divided as it is, was able to come together and bring justice for KJ. Johnson family, from my family to yours, your thoughts and prayers are forever in our hearts!! RIP KJ

  40. Jim says:

    Since journalism has seemed to have died all over the country here are some questions that should be asked(No fault from valdostatoday):
    1) “Independent autopsy” – Who performed this autopsy?
    2) Did Al Sharpton’s group pay for the “Independent Autopsy”?
    3) If there is any truth to the discussion where is the Justice Department’s Investigation? (Red Flag given their current track record on Black relations)

    • The autopsy was performed by Dr. William R. Anderson of Forensic Dimensions in Heathrow, Florida. The autopsy was paid for by the family’s attorney, CB King. The DOJ is said to be ‘looking into’ the case, but has not opened a formal investigation as of yet.

  41. BrooksCountyParent says:

    Where were the adults when this death occurred? A school should have adults present everywhere the students are!

  42. john says:

    Ok just because he is black doesn’t mean its a race thing so shut up about that. No one knows who killed him so for all y’all know it could have been another black guy. And it could have been because of something personal or gang related or anything inbetween. And I know its black people talking bout its something racist and everything so keep a close watch on everything and if ya find out its something personal or gang related or its another black guy y’all will be the ones looking stupid here.

  43. John B. says:

    I’m reading a lot that sounds like racism. When that happens everything gets off track. Lets pretend that the rumors that I’m hearing are true, and that Johnson was after sheriff Prines sons girlfriend, and that is what the altercation was about that resulted in Johnson death. It wouldn’t have mattered if Johnson was white or black, the cover up to protect the sheriffs son would be the same. Bickering back and forth about race is exactly what the cover up needs, in order to stay, “covered up”. The only way to expose the truth is to diligently stay on task without distraction, and racism is a HUGE distraction.

  44. 09 LHS Grad says:

    Purple, pink, blue, black, white. Why is everyone making this about race? He was someones kid. KID! Sadly, racism does still exist. Between two separate races, and even within the same race. At the end of the day, race didnt kill this child. A sick, cruel person did. I have been praying hard since day 1 for this family to find justice, some form of closure. Anyone could clearly see this poor baby was murdered and it was completely covered up. Finally, some justice. And for the record, I am white.

  45. Chasity Comerford says:

    I feel a deep sorrow for the individuals that have made statements as to this young man and his “fault” in the loss of his life. I pray you hold more value to your own loved one’s lives. There is nothing that anyone could do that deserves the loss of their life. Not one of us can say that at many moments in our own lives we have done something that was not the rules and things that were irresponsible. You have no idea what, how, or when this young man did anything on that awful day or any other day. You have assumptions and hearsay that You have labeled facts. But, even if you do in fact have the truth about what transpired and what actions he took, how can you validate a young teens death due to his rebellion or carelessness? Teenagers make mistakes, they do wrong, every one of them. That’s a part in a person finding who they are and learning from their mistakes. If your child or your precious self makes a mistake or breaks a rule do they deserve to lose their life? I’m in no right to judge anyone, but you insinuating that this child is responsible for what happened to him is pathetic and just wrong.

    And as to the fact that he did not live with his parents (so you heard) holds no effect on his parents pain or right to fight for the truth. Once again, no one knows this family’s true story. No one knows their journey. How can someone belittle a parents pain and devastation of losing their child? No parent is perfect, we all fail our children at times, and our ability of being a great parent does not define our love for our children or our right to hurt for them. You judge the love of two parents yet you have no knowledge of their true existence in their child’s life.

    And since no wrong was done in this, it was just an accident that occurred by a wreckless student. Why is it a problem if it is investigated further? If it were you or your child, do you think you deserve to be certain as to why? Would YOUR child be worth finding the answers to any and all doubts? Would you feel obligated to ensure that the truth to your child’s loss of life was held to high importance? What does giving a family peace and truth hurt in your life? What are YOU losing? And please say tax dollars because your precious change holds no comparison to what this family has paid and will pay for the rest of their lives.

    It’s just amazing to me how many people lack compassion and empathy for another soul. May God shield you from the same torment this family has endured in their loss, pain, judgement, ridicule, disrespect, and even the hundreds of petty comments made by people who think their opinion holds value to their pain, if you ever have to survive anything like this in your lifetime.

    Please excuse my long vent. My opinion is only mine and is more than likely not completely the correct view. I only feel the need to voice my irrelevant beliefs because I would want there to be somewhere, some small piece of record, among such an overwhelming amount of negativity, to show that someone out there reached out to hold my child’s life at the concern it deserves.

    I apologize for the time you wasted in reading this if you disagree.

  46. Dave says:

    I’m a white dude, and if it were my child, I’d be on the corner every day if I thought her killer was walking free and there was going to be no investigation. I don’t blame them for their resolve.

    However, the contention about trauma being found by the coroner that the family hired but was not reported by the GBI’s autopsy needs to be resolved. One of those doctors is wrong. Whichever one is should lose their license.

  47. Pearl says:

    The color of my skin is of no matter, because it is just skin and underneath that is tissue and it is the same color as everyone else. People please remember the pigmentation of our skin is only skin deep.

    Now with that aside.

    I am a former student of Lowndes County High school. I hated it there, it is ridiculous to think back at how many students were in that school 12 years ago. It was also ridiculous how many students were assaulted at school and bullied, and this was all races by the way. To sit back and think about all that it is no shock that things are getting worse.

    Now granted it does not surprise me that this has happened, does not mean that I feel it is okay. I am appalled that this has happened and at a school. It seems to look as if this young and very dear child was a victim of being bullied. Found in a cheer leading mat, now it is found that he had bruising and it was overlooked. Seriously, I hope that they find who did this and no matter the age this person is tried to the fullest extent of the law as an adult.

    This is not okay, no matter the race, no matter what the ‘excuse’ they think they have. The last thing I want to hear from the person who did this is, “We were joking around,” nothing makes me more angry. If he were my son I would be just as upset and angry and hurt as his mother is.

    To his family:
    My heart goes out to you, I pray that you get peace with finding who did this to your beloved son. No parent should ever have to endure this. I pray that Kendrick receives justice for what he had to endure. Mostly I pray that Kendrick’s mother finds peace, and that Kendrick is able to be at peace very soon.

  48. God's child says:

    I think getagrip knows something about this!!!!!!

  49. Sophie James says:

    I don’t believe it was or is a racial situation. Anonymous you asked why there would be a cover up. New sheriff and case wasn’t handled properly. I’m not saying it was a cover up but I do think they need to re-open the case. As far as who would cover up for who look at what happened in the Alapaha District (2 judges, the sheriff of Berrien County, and numerous employees got busted for that). Instead of playing the blame game and holding on to the racial card I think we should all pull together and pray that the Johnson finds peace. To the sheriff of Lowndes County I’m not saying anything wrong was done I’m just going through the what-if scenarios and even included the accidental part earlier. Praying for PEACE AND JUSTICE!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Amazed says:

    Simply amazing the amount of racist comments directed towards both sides. I am absolutely shocked that this coroner says this high school football player died of blunt force trauma and damage to soft tissues. Basically they are saying he died of soft tissue damage but making it sound alot worse by adding blunt force trauma in front of that. Look people, if you hang upside down blood will pool and have to go somewhere i.e. nose, ears, mouth. I really wish people would stop making this a race issue. Kid died by a tragic accident and people that say it was a cover up, the only reason this coroner gave this report is because it was an independent autopsy which cost the family money. Why wouldn’t you give then a report they want to hear? Are we as a society really this blind and ignorant? Well… Guess that would explain Obama.

  51. seksi says:

    If you live in the city you would understand why some ppl call it racist. The kids at the school know what happened. Let me tell you what the media isn’t. Johnson was found in an old gym used for storage only on the school grounds. At the time Johnson was dating a white female which the father and a few students did not care for. One of the students was the sheriff’s son. The students lured him into the gym. They fought. Once authorities found out who was involved they stopped cameras from recording in the gym. ( that’s the first time since they were installed) they moved Kendrick into a mat to look like an accident. They sent the sheriff’s son to Texas. Last but not least the gym was scheduled for demolition 3 months later the demolition was pushed up 10 weeks. Not even a month after johnson was found. No one in authority in valdosta is going to listen because it involves the sheriff.

    • PDub says:

      You are a damn idiot if you actually believe that…for a fact is this: The old gym is not “used as storage” as you claim, there are still classes held in there, it never was “scheduled for demolition”, its still standing and being utilized daily. There never was “camera’s” in the old gym, KJ was NOT dating a white girl, The sheriff’s son was NOT involved with anything–because the sheriff doesnt have a son that goes there….damn you’re part of the problom, not the solution

    • MomOfTwo says:

      Chris Prine only has a daughter & she is like 40 years old. Get a life!!!

  52. Maxx says:

    Since when is an autopsy funded by a plaintiff “independent”? I would think it would take a 3rd party with no interest or connection to either side to meet that definition.

  53. tommy says:

    wether he be white black or whatever a child died and its still unsure how he died and that should be the real controversy

  54. Riker says:

    Funny how it is only a race issue when it is white on black. It’s time whites stand up. I am tired of the black on white violence! The white kid who was beaten on the buss in FL. An obvious hate crime. Police chief to scared to call it what it is. The Australian kid shot by a black kid who posted racist remarks towards whites on Facebook. Another hate crime but no one has the balls to call it that. And let’s not forget the 13 month old baby in Brunswick. List can go on and on. White people its time we stand up!

  55. Valdostan says:

    CNN reports that DOJ will not investigate this case. The second pathologist has credibility issues, you can look up 2002 articles in the Orlando Sentinel, the second pathologist was accused by the Florida Dept of Law Enforcement of unethical behavior. http://www.cnn.com/2013/09/04/us/georgia-teen-death/index.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+rss%2Fcnn_topstories+%28RSS%3A+Top+Stories%29

  56. jody says:

    this is surely a case of racism but only because the sheriff didn’t want this young black man dating his daughter who he has made move upstate or somewhere an also his son who was involved in the beating death of my lil Cuz an now you have deputies’ resigning after all this going to work for the police department of working in another city come on with the bull they know what happened they are smart let’s leave before they say we covered it up with the ones who stayed it ain’t gonna work like that though they might as well pe arrested to for some type of involvement in it

  57. Chad says:

    First let me say there should be an investigation by the feds, they will have far better resouces available of greater benefit for technical details, a lot more objectivity to explore any leads and greater experse. Everyone’s covered the basic reasons of why this doesn’twell and should be looked into pretty thoroughly if u briefly skim through the rest of the posts. I want to address besides how horrible he looked and the ngodly grief and frustration this fammily is going through. If u are white (so am I) and u actually think there is no racism then u need to understand the context that others r trying to explain rather shutting down and tuning out. I live in central Indiana and I can tell u racism is alive and well right now, today and will be here for a long time to come. Accept that as truth for a minute, it may not be what u see everyday but believe its there, just be thankful ur not surrounded by hateful people. I KNOW black guys who rather lose their job and get out of the truck and walk 20 miles or so back to Muncie than to cross the town line into Elwood, Indiana. With good reason, too I might add. Later on I also have worked with ignorant pieces of shit who were well known around that town. I’m glad these guys didn’t cross paths at any point so far, because under the right circumstances itwould not, could not or will not end very well for anyone involved. That being said, I live farther east in Indiana and I didn’t need to go to Elwood to see racism because I see it everywhere at some point. So to deny its existance is foolish, but if u honestly r not seeing it then great, I don’t hate u for that, I envy u! And so should everyone else especially black people and anyone of ethnicity! It gives me hope! I haven’t been so fortunate. Now that being said I HAVE to weigh in o the whole Treyvon Martin/George Zimmerman confrontation too. U see it wasn’t Treyvon’sfault and it wasn’t George’s fault either. It was my fault, it was your fault brief it was–is– the faults of all of us that played out on that dark and rainy night so many months ago. It was the sum of all of our own fears. For a moment don’t look at eiter one in relation to the other. Just see each in turn, in their own context. George, aching to feel useful and desparately desiring to somethng good is taking a break by going out for a brief walk, sinces to get home before his over-bearing wife does. He would love to save someoneehow, maybe from something bad– like a wreck or fire…or even a “bad guy” not for pubic recognition but instead he is longing for a sense of purpose and maybe a little respect from “Mrs. Zimmerman”! George is about to “call it ight” when notices someone who seems a little out of place–someone acting spittle suspicious. Young Treyvon, walking home after gettng candy and a drink, an unselfish act tr show that he can do better, that he isn’t becoming the troublesome outh his dad fears he might be becoming. Treyvon is talking on his phone, when suddenly he notices a man watching him. After walking a little further, the man seems to be following him, both upsetting and scaring Treyvon since he is just minding his own business. Both young men now fully aware and wary of each other. This scenario didn’t need a bad guy, just two good guys making mistakes. Making assumptions about each other. Don blame racism, blame youth for the tragedy of the eventually outcome! Youth is by it own very naturresponsible for the lack of pnce, understanding and the wisedom gaind from experience. Now I would like to say that this would never had happened to two older, wiser more expienced gentlemen but that might be a lie. While understanding that it might very well be the reason it happened, I can garrentee that most people would still be missing the “point”. I have heard the “experts” on TV mention the fact of this being a “teachable moment” but then fail to mention the lesson and repeating Treyvon and George’s mistakes by jumping on one bandwagon or the other. Let’s just say for the sake of arguement, for just a moment, that destiny or fate is real and that it had the only outcome it could have had, under any circumstances, in order for it gain the attention required to become said “teachable moment” for a whole country, maybe even the world? What is the point of the the lesson?? I think it might be something cliche like “all we have to fear is fear itself!” I KNOW RIGHT??? WHO would’ve thought…?? I told u…I TOLD U…it was cliche! BUT….it is still true. Had either of them stopped just a little sooner, prior to the final confrontation, gotten a hold on their fear and dared to see the each other as human, that story would have had a different ending….