1 out of 3 kids in Georgia hungry

| September 26, 2013


hungrychild1 out of 3 children in Georgia battle hunger. Georgia was identified as one of the top ten worst states for childhood poverty in 2005 and has made the list again for childhood hunger. State budget changes in 2015 should help change these statistics but agencies will still struggle to help children until funding improves.

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4 Comments on "1 out of 3 kids in Georgia hungry"

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  1. LHS MOM says:

    And yet our Governor opted to NOT expand Medicaid or vote against the Food Stamp reduction.

  2. Jusin Igger says:

    Because surely the answer is to keep giving handouts of course.*rolls eyes*

    How about instead of taxing all of us to give more welfare to people(many of whom don’t need it), instead we focus on creating a thriving economy with plenty of jobs and a liveable wage(not $15 per hour to burger flippers) so people don’t need Welfare. While we are on it why don’t we stop paying “farmers” not to farm so we create a surplus of food and another export. Also toughen immigration laws and deny illegal immigrants and their dependents access to Government Welfare so the system isn’t stressed giving OUR citizens easier access to help. On that note make people understand that those programs are a LEG UP and not a HANDOUT and cut people off when they abuse the system. If you can drive an Escalade and “get yo hair did” you can buy food.

    • Louise says:

      Find me this mythical person who drives an Escalade and receives food stamps, I dare you. Also, your “get yo hair did” comment tells me all I need to know about the kind of person you are. These are children we are discussing, and despite what Fox News spews on a daily basis, they are who suffers when entitlement programs are cut. Cutting benefits makes them go to bed hungry. So maybe think about that the next time you make a careless, ignorant comment about someone on welfare or food stamps.

      • Jusin Igger says:

        Ride down to any of Valdosta’s Numerous Housing projects and you will see examples all day long. They live in government housing, receive government aid and drive new cars or have thousands invested in older cars but you will see hundred of people just hanging out with apparently no job. You just can’t see it from your gated community I am sure. Fox news is a joke and they are just like CNN and left and right wingers who spew crap they see from papers and the internet. I have been in the field and I know what the real world is like. How much time have you spent down in the “hood”? Maybe just that one time you took a wrong turn on your way to the Starbucks or some quaint Bistro and you quickly locked your doors and sped through. I have stood in line behind the women who bring 3 buggies full of food (all junk) with their “Hair did” , “Nails did”, “blinged grill” and then use an EBT card and walk the carts out to their Escalade or Denali. I have seen the illegal immigrants get 4 times the benefit of a citizen who was penalized half their benefits for 3 months because they received 2 hours of overtime on one pay period at their minimum wage job. I have real world experience.

        “Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day but teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.”