GBI: We Have ‘Nothing To Do’ With Second Kendrick Johnson Autopsy

| August 21, 2013

Kendrick Johnson - Medical - Autopsy ReportValdosta, GA-¬†Earlier this month, family and supporters of Kendrick Johnson said that the Georgia Bureau of Investigation was ‘stonewalling’ them, refusing to release tissue and blood samples. Those samples, according to family, are needed in order to complete a second, independent autopsy done nearly 10 weeks ago.

However, a GBI spokesperson told WVGA and Tuesday that “all open records requests pertaining to the case have been fulfilled.” In addition, she said that since the second autopsy was done by a non-governmental agency, the GBI had no involvement in it…in any way.

Friday marks ten weeks since the teenager’s body was exhumed for the second autopsy.

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9 Comments on "GBI: We Have ‘Nothing To Do’ With Second Kendrick Johnson Autopsy"

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  1. john says:

    the second autopsy report is in .the second private party that did the report does not have to share that info or out come , they want a pay day , al Sharpton already gave them $5000 to keep protesting . So I don’t Y they have porta johns ,I hope the city did not pay for that

  2. latrelle says:

    Well John they’re not looking for a payday… They’re looking for answers as to how and why their son is dead. You got so much to say you’re son must have had something to do with it!!

    • Irene says:

      You know @Latrelle you are absolutely ridiculous in putting that a man making a comment would have something to do with an accidental death!! Are you kidding me?? How dare you!! And you think they aren’t looking for a payout! Ok, you keep thinking that!! And everyone else will go on knowing that ACCIDENTS do happen EVERYDAY!!

  3. Jim says:

    The Johnson family/Supporters are beginning to look like either (1)Liars or (2)Puppets. My bet is on a payday or fame.

  4. I will not get into the battle of words but provide information to all who really want to know why certain Americans question members of law enforcement and our Southern Judicial System in 2013. We all should be united in obtaining justice concerning the death of this 17 year old American Student.

    History is the best to reward all research:

    The Truth and what others will not report;

  5. Roberta Carmickle says:

    I think this was very poorly handled by everyone involved from the school system to the police and the investigating team and anyone else involved.
    A good student and young man should have his death taken seriously.
    Too many questions about this case was not answered and it seems odd that no body looked closer for him in the gym. Just too many open holes.
    I think that something happened and it is a cover up.
    I am a mother with all her children grown and I don’t take sides, I am white, and I pray for this family ever day that they find the answers.

  6. Cindy says:

    To the people that think this family is just looking for a payday. You have to be kidding me. There is no amount of money that can make up for losing a child. If this were your child you would want to know what happened. This may have just been a tragic accident or it may be foul play and a cover up. Either way the school was responsible for keeping that child safe and thefailed