Chlorine Leak In Madison Causes Evacuations, Sends Two To Hospital

| August 22, 2013

science test tubesA chlorine leak at the City of Madison’s wastewater treatment facility sent two men to the hospital and forced the evacuation of over a dozen businesses on Wednesday afternoon. The leak was contained as of 3:30pm, but due to the leak, 13 businesses were forced to evacuate, and the Madison¬†Correctional Institution was placed on lock down.

One victim was taken to the Madison County Memorial Hospital, and the other victim was taken to Tallahassee Memorial Hospital. The victim taken to TMH re-entered the building repeatedly to try to shut off the chlorine leak.

A haz-mat team from the Tallahassee Fire Department arrived on scene shortly before 5pm, at which point Madison crews had stopped the leak. The haz-mat team finally deemed the area safe for occupancy around 7:30pm.

Read more from WCTV here.

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