Valdosta Homeless Camp Being Relocated…Again

| July 3, 2013

alley-1 bleu-cafe city-muni-court county-gov-bldg county-judicial-complex county-judicial-complex-2 dosta-playhouse downtown-1 downtown-2 downtown-3 downtown-4 first-umc miller-hardware patterson-bridgeLess than a week after the city of Valdosta announced it was relocating a homeless camp underneath the Patterson Avenue bridge, those dozen people will be moved yet again. Initially, the camp was moved into a residential area on the city’s south side, right in the middle of a neighborhood. In the past week, nearby residents have reported car break-ins, shattered windows, and other property crimes.

District 1 Councilman James Wright said this week that no one even told him that the camp was being relocated to his district. Officials said Tuesday that the camp will be relocated to a non-residential piece of property that was found through a contact at Habitat for Humanity. That location, again, remains undisclosed.

Police continue to work with the South Georgia Coalition to End Homelessness to try and contact the families of the dozen affected in order to move them back to their hometowns.

Read more from WALB and theĀ VDT here.

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  1. Gary Dundellon says:

    Ending “homelessness” will never happen. Some people like that lifestyle. Help the ones that truly want to change their lives and quit throwing tax dollars at those who are too sorry to be productive members of a civilized society. And since Habitat for Humanity is mentioned in this article, their greatest expense is repairing previously built Habitat homes. Most people don’t appreciate what is given to them.Stop the free give-aways !