US House Rejects Limiting NSA Access: How GA Reps Voted

| July 25, 2013

us-capitolIn what some are calling a victory for the White House, the US House Wednesday shot down a bill by a 205-217 vote that would have limited NSA access to phone records obtained under the Patriot Act.

The vote was largely a bipartisan effort, with both Republicans and Democrats splitting their votes. Along party lines, Dems voted 83-111, while members of the GOP voted 134-94 to kill the bill. In this case, a ‘nay’ vote meant that a Representative was in favor of keeping NSA access unfettered.

How Georgia’s Reps voted:

Yes (ending NSA surveillance): Broun, Graves, Kingston, Lewis, Price.

No (‘preserving’ NSA surveillance): Barrow, Bishop, Collins, Gingrey, Johnson, Austin Scott, D. Scott, Westmoreland, Woodall

Read more from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution here.

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