Senior Citizens Die In Brooks County Wreck

| June 24, 2013

car accidentA Friday night wreck in Brooks County has claimed the lives of two senior citizens. Officials say 77-year old Phyllis Herndon was driving east on Highway 122 around 5:30pm Friday when she drove into the path of a semi truck at the intersection with Highway 133.

The semi hit her Chrysler 300 directly on the driver’s side door. The 77-year old was pronounced dead at the scene- her husband, 81 year-old George Herndon, died on the way to the hospital. The driver of the semi was uninjured.

Read more from WALB here.

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4 Comments on "Senior Citizens Die In Brooks County Wreck"

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  1. Kevin says:

    Not trying to sound mean but when should it be mandatory to turn in your DL ? At least make elderly drivers pass some standard driving tests to evaluate their level of skill to navigate our increasingly hostile roadways.

    • Ann Renee Hansard says:

      Well, guess what, you are sounding mean. How dare you comment without knowing all of the facts. True, some seniors should not be driving. But we cannot conclude this about all. My mother and step-father, to whom you illuded to here, were vibrant, active, strong, intelligent, safety- conscious people. My mom simply made a mistake that according to Georgia accident statistics, is one made all too frequently at that intersection and others like it on those routes. So before you pass judgment, just a few days after the parents of six great adult kidsand their families were killed at the same time, get the facts. The entire town of Thomasville and a large part of Tallahassee were seriously in utter despair. .

  2. Lynn Byrd says:

    Kevin, If you had done a bit of research you would have found that Georgia does have some restrictions on older adult drivers-
    if you are: 59 years old or older, you can only get a driver’s license valid for 5 years. and if you are: 64 years old or older, you must pass a vision exam.
    Your statement concerning this article was unnecessary and cruel. Think about the family and friends who are still mourning the loss of their loved ones. I only hope that you do not have to suffer through losing your parents in an accident.

  3. Ann Renee Hansard says:

    Valdosta Today, in November, you did not have the above picture posted. This is NOT from the accident in your article. The car my parents were driving was not red. They collided with a silver fuel tanker. There were no other cars involved. So why this picture?