Lake Park Man Busted With 27 Pounds Of Pot

| June 24, 2013

marijuana pot plantsLake Park, GA- A 55-year old Lake Park man is facing a long list of charges after police recovered 27 pounds of marijuana from his pickup truck and home. Sheriff’s deputies saw Jeffery Carwein placing packages in a pickup truck with illegal window tint in a driveway of a home on Danieli Drive. When he drove off, the deputy stopped him, initially for a simple tint violation.

A search of the truck revealed Carwein had 15 pounds of marijuana inside. A search warrant was then obtained for his home, where investigators found another 12 pounds of pot.

He remains in the Lowndes County Jail without bond.


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8 Comments on "Lake Park Man Busted With 27 Pounds Of Pot"

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  1. lake girl says:

    they never tell the truth, that entraped that man, we sat there an watched them watching him for days

    • mechelle says:

      If you were watching them watching him for days…LOL why didn’t you warn the dude haha and if you did and he still got caught with all that weed then he must have killed so many brain cells that he’s completely dopey!

    • Kevin says:

      How is this entrapment? He was breaking the law, period!!!! They in no way made that man grow weed. He chose to break the law and now he is gonna pay for his crimes. Maybe you should have told him they were watching him. That is if you really saw them watching him which i find hard to believe. I think you might be next to get busted because you obviously have a clouded mind. Perhaps it’s got something to do with what your smoking.

  2. B Jones says:

    @ lake girl, Entrapment??? Seriously???, he broke the law, he got busted. Doesn’t matter how they did it. Maybe they should just let him go now. Huh???

  3. Esperanza says:

    The whole story is a lie that’s lowndes county for ya he was set up

    • Kevin says:

      Sounds like you dont like Lowndes Co esperanza. I’m gonna make this as simple as i can for you because if i dont you might not understand it with that brain you have. We have alot of roads that lead out of here, we also have a bus terminal as well as an airport. Either of these, take your pick and leave!

  4. blood says:

    Yea that’s lowndes county for you alright the whole story is a lie . What they don’t tell you is they we’re watching him in a unmarked car and when he left his house he was never pulled over some cardboard flew out the back of his truck and he pulled over where the other under cover officers were waiting and had been waiting for hours for him to come by he stopped to get the cardboard out of the highway and they arrested him there all b/c of you Brian findly you couldn’t deal with the fack that you were In some trouble so you had to rat on some one else so you could stay out of jail but guess what everyone knows what you did since your running around telling everyone in statenville. Your mouth got you out of trouble with the law but it just got you in trouble with everyone else !!!!!

  5. LPG229 says: