Johnson Autopsy Results Expected Soon As Hundreds Rally Downtown

| June 30, 2013
Family Photo

Family Photo

Valdosta, GA- Hundreds gathered in downtown Valdosta at the Lowndes County Courthouse on Saturday for a rally and march to support the family of Kendrick Johnson. The rally, hosted by the Georgia State Conference of the NAACP, featured speeches by Johnson’s parents, their attorney CB King, and conference president Edward DuBose.

Saturday marked the first major rally since the teenager’s body was exhumed and taken to Florida for a second, independent autopsy. While many speakers highlighted the Lowndes County investigation and called for social justice, DuBose used a famous quote from Malcolm X to make his point, saying, “if we are going to win this fight, it’s going to be ‘by any means necessary.'”

The results from that second autopsy are expected to be completed and released within the next two weeks.

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  1. KaSandra says:

    So basically by the time the official findings from Florida is released, the 30 days will be up for family to seek yet another opinion in regards to their deceased son?

    • As the law reads, the actual autopsy findings can be released/done in any timeframe. The only legality that they had to abide by (as far as we’re aware) is that the body had to be placed back within 30 days. That was done within 4-5 days of exhumation. At this point, it’s just a waiting game until that report is completed and subsequently released by either the family or their attorney.

      Hope that helps.

      • KaSandra says:

        Yes, and thank you. So, now the results are back…and it appears Kendrick Johnson was murdered. I read recently that Georgia Bureau of Investigation has no intent to re-open the case and I must say this information is not appeasing, to say the least. Adam, can you shed additional information on why GBI will not re-open the case?


        • Morning, Kasandra…neither the LCSO nor the GBI, legally, has to reopen the case following the second autopsy. They have simply said (at both the local and state level) that they are sticking with their findings. In essence, the GBI is dismissing Dr. Anderson’s autopsy. As to why they are doing that, however, is anyone’s guess.

  2. CLT says:

    Any update?