Vote In The ‘Who Wants To Be A DJ?’ Contest

| April 27, 2013


We have our ‘Top 5’ contestants; help us find Valdosta’s next radio star!!! Check out their pics, read their info, and listen to their audio demos. Then, VOTE for your favorite at the bottom of the page!

dj-con-1 - Chelle CONTESTANT #1 – Chelle Wilis

Age: 27

Favorite Artist: Eve 6

Why they think they would be a good DJ:

“I’m fun, energetic, and always in favor of a good time. I’ve been aiming for a career using my voice for over a decade, and this is my big chance!”


dj-con-2 - Vic CONTESTANT #2 – Vic Davis

Age: 24

Favorite Artist: Eminem

Why they think they would be a good DJ:

“I have a drive & passion for music that I feel is unparalleled. People have always told me I have the voice for this business. I would love to prove them right.”


dj-con-3 - Benji CONTESTANT #3 – Professor Benji

Age: 26

Favorite Artist: Owl City

Why they think they would be a good DJ:

“I’ll be a good friend to you. Not only will we have fun together, I’ll share wisdom and support with you in a crazy, hectic world. relax and enjoy life with me!”


dj-con-4 - Sandra CONTESTANT #4 – Sandra Cervantes

Age: 31

Favorite Artist: George Strait

Why they think they would be a good DJ:

“I love music and I believe I would make a great community ambassador, while representing Black Crow Media at a very high standard.”


dj-con-5 - Dave CONTESTANT #5 – Diamond Dave

Age: Old enough to know better, still too young to care

Favorite Artist: Toby Keith

Why they think they would be a good DJ:

“I think I have a “radio personality,” and I want every break to be entertaining. I hope the listeners enjoy my shifts and want to come back for the next one.”


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