Nearly 1,000 Turn Out For Kendrick Johnson Vigil

| April 19, 2013

KJ Rally1Valdosta, GA- Nearly 1,000 people turned out Thursday evening in front of the Lowndes County judicial complex to attend a vigil for 17-year old Kendrick Johnson.

There has been a large public outcry as to why the GBI’s investigation and autopsy has taken the better part of 3 months since Johnson’s death. J. David Miller, the DA representing Lowndes County, penned an op-ed in Friday’s Valdosta Daily Times detailing the circumstances surrounding the investigation.

“Every death of a child which is suspicious or unexpected…is reviewed by a local Child Fatality Review Committee. The local committee makes a determination of the cause and manner of death, notes any prior involvement with the family with any participating agency, considers whether the death was preventable and makes recommendations regarding how other children may be spared from a similar fate.”

Miller says he does not assign blame for the delay to the GBI, in part due to the wait for completed toxicology and DNA testing.

“From my perspective,” Miller writes, “for anyone to draw definitive conclusions regarding a suspicious or unusual death without having the completed…reports, would be irresponsible. At the appropriate time, all details of the investigation will be made public.”

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5 Comments on "Nearly 1,000 Turn Out For Kendrick Johnson Vigil"

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  1. JT says:

    Thank you Mr. Miller,well said.

  2. Deborah says:

    I support this family and they need to have communication from the law enforcement entities involved in this investigation. It’s obvious that the GBI hasn’t kept them informed of the progress of the Crime Lab’s progress, or lack thereof, and of the investigation in general, OR they wouldn’t have this level of frustration. May God Bless Them!

  3. Whoopi says:

    JT..wishful thinking on your part. Miller answered NONE of the questions surrounding Kendrick KJ Johnson’s death at Lowndes High School and the role Sheriff Prine and the GBI played the VERY FIRST DAY!! Sorry Title Town will be looking for a new name.

  4. FP says:

    I feel like LCSO, LHS and the judicial system is hiding something. My main question, why was the gym torn down after this happened?

    • Ronnie Embry says:

      The gymnasium was the key evidnce venue to this mystery. This lynching may never be solved due to loss of key

      evidence due to destruction of the gymnasium. Be persistent in seeking truth and justice in Master Kendrick Johnsons

      demise. Remember the Jena 6 in Louisiana. The shade tree that held the hangmans noose was cut down. Let Justice

      roll down like water and Righteousness like a mighty stream. Who did Johnson have a argument with? What was the

      disagreement about? Was Johnson profiled because he was a standup guy or because he had long hair? I am sure it

      wasn’t because of the color of his skin!