Feds To Get Involved In Kendrick Johnson Investigation?

| April 30, 2013

lady justice blue skiesValdosta, GA- The parents of Kendrick Johnson have sent a formal request to US Attorney General Eric Holder, asking the Department of Justice to take over the death investigation of the 17-year old.

The letter cites Sheriff Chris Prine’s decision to deem the deal accidental as ‘premature,’ as it was made prior to any autopsy being performed. County Coroner Bill Watson is also quoted in the letter, as he stated that his investigation was ‘100 percent compromised’ by the time he reached the scene at Lowndes High School.

Along with a number of civil rights groups, the parents are urging the Department of Justice to assume the investigation due to ‘concerns about the ‘objectivity and competency of those involved in this investigation,’ including the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

They are asking for a speedy reply due to the fact that they believe once school lets out for the summer, potential witnesses could be lost and out of contact.

The full text of the letter can be found below.

A coalition of civil rights organizations, faith-based leaders, students, community groups, and parents standing in solidarity with the family of Mr. Kendrick Johnson, respectfully request that your agency intervene and assume all investigations of the tragic demise of Mr. Kendrick Johnson. There has been public outcry about events leading up to and the subsequent investigation of the death of Mr. Kendrick Johnson.

Our reason for making this demand is primarily two-fold. First, we believe that Sheriff Chris Prine’s official position of calling Mr. Kendrick Johnson’s death an accident one day after his remains were found but prior to an autopsy being completed was premature. To announce to the press such a conclusion so soon after the discovery of Mr. Johnson’s body and to base it upon several highly questionable assumptions, compels us to call into question Sheriff Prine’s accidental death theory.

Secondly, on April 18, 2013 the Lowndes County Coroner Bill Watson further discredited the investigation by stating that Sheriff Prine’s investigatory findings were premature and that the scene where the body was discovered had been greatly compromised.

Furthermore, we believe that the absence of information, in combination with what should have been the scale of this investigation, raises serious concerns about the objectivity and competency of those involved in this investigation. Hence, to the extent that this investigation has been at all times been under the control of the Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office, we, once again, are compelled to ask that your agency assume control of this investigation. We further have no confidence in the Georgia Bureau of Investigations and therefore look to the Federal government for relief.

The urgency of the foregoing request is not only based upon the gravity of the matter being investigated, but more importantly, because of the fact that the summer vacation for Lowndes County High students is quickly approaching. Accordingly, the opportunity to have meaningful access to potential witnesses coming from within and amongst the student body and staff will soon be lost. In our opinion, this access is critical and thus a major component of the investigation, particularly since Mr. Kendrick Johnson went missing during school hours and his remains found on the premises of Lowndes County High School.

In short, we cannot delay justice any longer.  Justice must come in the form of a full, thorough, and impartial investigation.

We thank you for your prompt consideration and response in this matter.

Respectfully Yours,
Kenneth and Jacquelyn Johnson &
Coalition Partners in Solidarity with Mr. Kendrick L. Johnson

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20 Comments on "Feds To Get Involved In Kendrick Johnson Investigation?"

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  1. K. Godwin says:

    I fully support this and agree with their request, as one of many very concerned local citizens.

    • Concerned Citizen says:

      The GBI has covered up murders for years research the death of Steven Lamond Johnson and his autopsy results as accidental while handcuffed in custody. The erased features are from the same whirlwind of corruption that sweep Emmett Till’s away fifty some years ago!

  2. Voice-n-da-wilderness says:

    I agree with this request and wish it were implemented months ago. I pray justice is swift and the truth prevails. And this will be an example for the Nation.

  3. Skip says:

    So the Sheriff and the GBI are covering up the true facts in this matter??? You gotta be kidding me… I believe that the facts of this case presented by the Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office and the preliminary autopsy reports by the GBI are right as rain.. When the final autopsy is completed, will all you people that have rushed to call this a murder finally believe and accept that this was a tragedy? I seriously doubt it..

    • G George says:

      We will just have to see if YOU PEOPLE are right. But until then this looks like a cover up.

      • Concerned citizen says:

        @ Skip. Can you say transparency? The parents were not allowed to identify the body or see the body for more than twenty-four hours. TheLowndes County Sherrif’s department and the GBI should be completely transparent. Lowndes County High School should be compliant as well. If they both were transparent from the beginning of this investigation there would not be questions or concerns about the validity of the cause of death. Video surveillance in public schools is designed to keep our children safe. In this event, the recordings should be made available. A few points to ponder: wrestling mats or cheer mats rolled properly and placed vertically would or should not have been easily accessible for a student to climb. Furthermore, they are very heavy and often take more than one student to roll and place in an upright position. So, I ask you this, if Kendrick was conscious when trying to reach the shoe, why did he not kick his feet and topple the mat over? If his body was bruised, how did it get that way? The surfaces of mats are smooth. More importantly, why was Kendrick in the gym? Was he meeting someone? Was he followed? Video surveillance could answer those questions. Who was questioned? How did the shoe get there in the first place? If this was your child and there were so many unanswered questions, wouldn’t you want justice for your child? That is exactly what these parents and those of us you refer to as “you people” want, justice! Justice for a dead child! Justice for a grieving family!

    • Felicia says:

      Skip…..are you serious?!! Have you heard the facts or seen the pictures?!!! It doesn’t take over 4 months for autopsy report to come back!!! Clearly something is being covered up!! SMH!!!

  4. J Kirkland says:

    I agree and support their request for the investigation. We need justice and fast.

  5. G George says:

    Well we will just see if YOU PEOPLE are right.

  6. GladtobeGone says:

    What a silly request. I like how the coroner says that the scene was 100% compromised when he arrived. The last time I checked, he is not an investigator and does not process crime scenes. His only role is to state whether the individual is dead and take care of the body. He is not even qualified to do an autopsy, that is why the state has to. I believe the deputies and officers at the scene were more than qualified to give an initial determination of foul play or not. I understand the parents’ grief, but everyone else should be ashamed for egging this on.

    • Kenyak says:

      why Is It A Silly Request? Because YOU Think So? Wonder If Your Opinion Would Change If It Were YOUR KID!

    • Concerned Citizen says:

      The coroner has the power to lock up the officers and should have been in control of the body until it was secured and sent to the GBI! Read Georgia Death Act!!!!!

  7. charliemaeporter says:

    as a mother if this had been my child, I would be doing the same thing and even through he wasn’t my child he was my child of god and we as a nation know when somethings is not right we can not always do something abot it but we do have a choice all we need to do id get together and speak out about how we feel and why we feel the way we do the truth just need to be told

  8. observer says:

    No one ever mentions the weird aspect that this boy was supposedly naked when found…..

  9. GMAN says:

    When and if the FBI concludes that it accidental, where will it go then? My condolences to the family.

  10. Valorie says:

    If nothing but to show respect for the grieving family. If you can’t support their concerns and efforts to find justice for what they believe to find unjust so far; can you please refrain from your negative comments (just stay silent). It would be the right thing to do.

  11. Skip says:

    The reports are out.. The professionals have done their work.. If you Jr detectives are so smart, conduct your own investigation.. The investigators with the GBI and the LCSO got it right.. It was a tragic accident resulting in the loss of life of Mr Johnson.. There is no justice when there is no foul play..

  12. Alexandria says:

    I support this family on their request, they need justice this is not the first time the sheriff department has tried to cover up wrongful doings.

  13. Ricky says:

    And when it is proved to be murder, will you apologize then, where are your facts? , did you do an investigation, no!! Look at the evidence! JUSTICE WILL BE NEVER BE SERVED BUT IT WILL PREVAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!